Thursday, January 29, 2009

SDA Ron Corson Reviews Book

Greetings to those who keep an eye on this blog. I hope your new year is going well. We have much to praise the Lord for this year. We have moved to the Seattle area from the East Coast--from one shore to the other! We now live near my husband's family. They are Seventh-day Adventists and so we ask for your prayers. We have no intention of "educating them" or "outing them" from the church they grew up in and love, but I know they must be suspicious of us. We just want to serve them with the joy of Christ and let Him do the talking!

On to the subject at hand. Ron Corson labels himself a Progressive Adventist and has a blog for the purpose of interacting with other Progressive Adventists. Arthur and I decided to send him one of our books for his review. He has posted his review and we invite you to read and comment.

You can access it through


Anonymous said...

Progressive Adventists are pretty happening people:

Hugo Mendez said...

I just want to say I support you Tesa, and am praying for you and your husband regularly!

May your lent be blessed. :-)

Teresa Beem said...

Thanks Hugo! It's so funny, trying to keep lent (as a vegetarian--or almost). It just didn't seem like giving anything up by not eating meat. So we give up other things. It is truly a blessing to keep lent! Thanks for your prayers Hugo! God bless you,

Anonymous said...

sda church does not tell us to be vegeterian the bible just let us know what meats are good and wich ones are not, and i want to say that i do not support tera i dont agree with what she says i bealive that we are not perfect and only a person who is use by the bevil will write a book to judge others and get paid for it, there is many things that i can say about catholic or other religion and other ppl but that is betwen them and god ppl should go to curch to worship god not to judge ppl and look at there foults if we do that we will be worst then they are we church is like a hospital to heal our sins and try to became better every day like god i am a single mother that is 29 yrs old and had my son with out been marry but i now that my sin has been forgivn and my life now is with god amen!!

Teresa Beem said...

I am so happy you have found forgiveness and peace. God bless you!