Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Huh? Adventists Seem to Forget.......

Amazing Facts President and Nationally Recognized Prophecy Speaker Challenges Harold Camping's May 21st Judgment Day

Published: Monday, 16 May 2011 | 7:35 PM ET
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SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 16, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Family Radio speaker Harold Camping has boldly predicted that the world will end on Saturday, May 21, 2011, at precisely 6:00pm. Promoting it nationally through his extensive radio network, as well as on billboards and websites such as, Camping's assertive claims have created a media frenzy around this predicted terrifying Armageddon event that will soon end the world as we know it.

But is Camping's prediction true? And worse, is it dangerous? Those are the questions posed by international speaker Doug Batchelor, a pastor and the president of Amazing Facts, a Christian ministry known globally for its comprehensive Bible prophecy presentations.

In fact, Pastor Batchelor has directly challenged Camping, offering him $100,000 to hand over the deed and rights to the Family Radio network following the May 21 deadline. He explains, "The Bible clearly teaches in Matthew 24:36 that 'No man knows the day and hour' of Jesus' return. Christ also warned that in the last days, there would be many false teachers. It is worth asking then, does Camping's prediction match what the Bible really tells us about Christ's return? I don't believe it does. But if Camping is right, he deserves the money to spread the message; if he's wrong, he should not own a radio network." Batchelor also warns, "Reckless predictions of the second coming of Christ create an artificial excitement among believers followed by a corresponding depression. In addition, it hardens skeptics in their unbelief and provides new fodder for cynics to mock the Christian faith." Across the country, hundreds of Family Radio listeners are quitting their jobs and selling their possessions.

Pastor Batchelor hopes to set the record straight and save millions of believers the devastation, harm, and the embarrassment that will come to them having put their faith in the wild opinions of men and potentially losing everything they have. He says, "Based on Bible prophecy, we'll all still be here May 22. So what can we do to save those caught up in this deception?" Amazing Facts is a Christian media ministry sharing the Bible through radio and television on more than 650 stations around the world. It also operates AFTV, a 24/7-satellite network ( Each year, more than 300,000 people contact Amazing Facts to receive information about Bible prophecy and other topics. Its many websites also receive more than 4.9 million hits per year.

Pastor Batchelor has frequently taught on the book of Revelation on the Discovery Channel and appeared with Tim LaHaye in the National Geographic documentary The Riddle of Revelation. He is also the author of numerous articles and books on prophecy and hosts the weekly radio program Bible Answers Live.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Pastor Batchelor, contact:Sam GodfreySgodfrey(at)amazingfacts(dot)orgP.O. Box 1058Roseville, CA 95678916-434-3880 SOURCE Amazing Facts Copyright (C) 2011 PR Newswire. All rights reserved -0- KEYWORD: California INDUSTRY KEYWORD: RAD

Monday, May 16, 2011

Babylon Rising from Las Vegas!

"This May, a four-night event called Babylon Rising will take a new look at the age-old controversy between Christ and Satan. From May 25-28, It Is Written’s new speaker/director, Pastor John Bradshaw, will host a timely, interactive series live from the Cashman Center in Las Vegas."

Yes, the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists will sponsor this yearly (or nearly yearly) event in which they repackage their Apostate "Whore of Babylon" Christianity led by the antichrist Pope based on Ellen White's Great Controversy vision. I would LOVE to hear feedback from those progressive Adventists out there who SWEAR the church is dumping this stuff.

This worldwide event will be live streamed on the internet, it will be covered by It is Written and Hope and ABN SDA news channels as well as via satellite.

What will the nightly topics be?
May 25
Babylon Rising
Just as ancient Babylon grew into a mighty, world-ruling kingdom, modern Babylon has been doing the same—developing into a colossus that will dominate the world at the end of time. Follow the prophecies of the Bible and see that Babylon is rising!

May 26
The Day of the Dragon
In ancient times, a powerful kingdom rose to dominate the ancient world. Personal liberties were eliminated and government controls dictated life at its most personal level. History repeats itself. How close are we to living in the “day of the dragon”?

May 27
Mystery and Mayhem
Revelation’s “Mystery Babylon” sees leaders in all areas of society joining together in an alliance that will produce chaos and confusion on a global scale. Dark spiritual forces will impose themselves on life at every level. [That is Adventist-speak for anyone who worships on Sunday!]

May 28
The Writing on the Wall
What goes up must come down. Just as ancient Babylon saw the writing on the wall, the fulfillment of Bible prophecy sees the writing on the wall for modern Babylon. There is hope for people living in a world where Babylon is rising!