Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Collapse of America

History will not record the collapse of America in 2012. America had a moral heart attack in the 1960's and then died sometime after that (probably 1973 with Roe vs. Wade). What we are seeing in America today is the worms crawling in and out of the dead flesh. We are seeing the rot and decay of a dead America.

Politics cannot revive her.
The government cannot revive her.
Patriotism cannot revive her.
Financial stability cannot revive her.
Community organizing cannot revive her.
Jobs cannot revive her.
More freedom cannot revive her.

No amount of money, liberty, pursuit of happiness, independence, self-rule, democracy, nor the right president will be able to help America.

She is dead and we need to understand that so we can rebuild.

Where many evangelicals have it wrong is that they believe we need more spreading the gospel message through zealous preaching. America has heard the gospel and rejected it. Right now speaking falls on numb ears. We have been saying that we are a Christian nation for two hundred years and the fruits have been greed, lies, thievery, disrespect, dishonor, divorce, immorality, pornography, adultery, abortion, throwing our elderly into nursing homes and abandoning them, poverty, isolation, need I go on?

What thinking person would look at America and grasp its gospel?

People are living hell everyday of their lives, they are not moved by being threatened with an eternal damnation in the afterlife. They need a living witness of Christ today that will make a difference today.

America cannot go back and revive the old ways and think they will work. They failed.

What we need are Christians who have the power of God's grace in their lives. People who are holy. America needs to see what sainthood looks like. Everyone is tired of the condemnation of sin, without the proof of the ability to conquer it.

If we want to see America alive again, we cannot go back and revive the corpse. We have to start all over at the beginning and learn what sin is in and learn how the Cross conquered it and gave us the power to go and sin no more. We need to be a testimony in our lives and not just in our mouths. We need to SHOW the power of Christ.

When a generation of people see Christian actions, then they will believe Christian words.