Saturday, November 28, 2009

Answering Objections to Our Book

Since I have had to answer many objections to our book, I thought I would send some of them to you, so you might use our answers to give you ideas in formulating your own.

Objection: Adventists do so much good with ADRA and their health institutions? Doesn't their good fruit prove they have the truth and are of God?

Our answer: All religions are active in charitable works and many charitable organizations have no religious foundation. All good comes from God, but not all good works prove a group has sound theology.

Objection: But if your book destroys Adventism, you will be destroying all those good works Adventists do!

Answer: God's people will continue to do good works no matter what denomination they call themselves. The benefits for others will just simply be changed to a different name--not disappear.

Objection: But you must admit you are trying to destroy Adventism?

Answer: The book is attempting to help heal those who feel Adventism destroyed them.

Objection: Your book is full of lies and is hateful.

Answer: (Most people who say this will admit they haven't read the book.) We did not anticipate that Adventists would agree with our analysis of the facts, but we did spend years researching it. If you did find something that was not correct, please let us know specifically so we can correct it.

(Usually people disagree with an analysis of the facts, not the fact itself. Some people then start talking about typos or how we spelled a name incorrectly.)

Objection: You made Adventism seem like a cult. Adventism is mainstream

Answer: Keeping Sabbath as the exclusive end-time proof of remnant-hood and true Christianity cannot be found in either the Bible or mainstream Christianity. Most Christians would be either highly offended or highly amused that your church prophesies they will come and persecute you in the last days. The Three Angels' Message and the Investigative Judgement is against orthodox Christianity.

Objection: You book is out of date. Adventists don't preach those things today.

Answer: You need to watch 3ABN or the Hope Channel. You need to attend a Adventist End-time Prophecy Seminar. A lot of these "older traditions" are still required beliefs when you sign a Adventist baptismal certificate.

Objection: You are a Jesuit.
Answer: (Don't laugh... you may actually be accused of this. We have been!) We just smile and tell them we love them and wish them the best. The are too gone at this point to be reasoned with.

Objection: Don't you realize you and your book are on the Devil's side?

Answer: It is the Devil who is the author of all lies. We have found many things in Adventist doctrine that cannot withstand critical examination by Biblical standards. That has nothing to do with our character.

Objection: This book and you are PROOF that EG White's prediction about Adventist "stars" falling in the last days are true! You have proved her a correct prophet!

Answer: We predicted in the book you would say that.....
So does that make us true prophets?

That is the nature of predictions. If you predict something obvious, it just simply is not a miracle when it occurs. Ellen knew very clearly that there would be people who rejected her bizarre claims. It is not rocket science to predict that. Rather it was a type of religious terrorism and manipulation to keep people confused and inside Adventism.

The number ONE objection to the book: You wrote it because someone in the church hurt you and you are attempting revenge.

Answer: (We have never found any answer to this that in any way changes anyone's mind. They simply cannot assimilate that someone would leave Adventism over doctrine. It causes a cognitive dissonance that would melt their brains if they accepted it.) If you do have an answer to this one, let me know!

In the end, we have learned to simply love people who are shocked by our move out of Adventism and our book. It is Christ who will ultimately have control over the situation. But it is nice to have a short answer ready so tempers don't flair!

God bless you all,