Friday, May 25, 2012


Knowing that while she was a heretic on earth, I do not (as many formers would) throw Ellen Gould White into hell for her false gospel. As a Catholic, our church might place her in Purgatory learning the true gospel and conforming her heart and mind to Truth and preparing herself to be spotless when she enters the eternal presence of God.

Why is she in Purgatory and not hell? Because she was smacked on the head as a child and received a sustained head injury which ruined her health and gave her visions. In addition to that, she was born in the Protestant US that was prophet/prophecy-crazed at the time and she worked as a child in her father's hat shop. (Does the mad-hatter ring any bells?)

Poor Ellen! I am pretty sure she falls under the category of "invincible ignorance." Catholics consider those who are unable, for some reason, to grasp or know the truth are given extreme mercy from God at the judgment.

Catholics have heretic popes (Gelasius) and even heretic Fathers such as Tertullian and Origen whom we still have great affection for and read (the parts that are true!) We still love the Catholic priest Martin Luther--who might be in Purgatory--who knows? Heretics still have a chance at heaven. We just don't know. But to protect the sheep, we have to throw out their writings and sometimes even them from the sheepfold. Hoping that they will eventually be found again by Christ as the Good Shepherd. It's up to His will and His mercy and we ALWAYS have hope.

So, I pray for Ellen and I love her. Somehow I think she is in Purgatory being extremely grateful for us out here who are helping to correct the false things she taught. Can you imagine the pain she must be going through, the grieving for all the millions she led astray? Purgatory for her must not be too pleasant--for in Purgatory we must face the truth. We must learn to be repentant, humble and obedient. Not all of us are going to have to face all the millions of souls we wrongly taught. Yikes! But God knows Ellen's heart and I figure she was a pretty confused woman and didn't deliberately turn the road sign to heaven in the wrong direction.

I think Ellen as well as all the early SDA pioneers are praying for Colleen Tinker and Dale Ratzlaf and myself--all of us who are sweeping up the mess they made. And I am so happy to serve Ellen in prayer and correcting her mistakes. That's what we Christians are for--to love, protect and serve the Body--even the parts of the Body in Purgatory.

What a strange notion for Protestants, I know, that I would love and serve a false prophetess. I do it not because she was a false prophetess but because I love Christ. And she isn't a false prophetess anymore. Ellen, if in Purgatory, is becoming perfect in love and Truth. Isn't that wonderful?! Makes me LOVE JESUS SO MUCH! His mercy extends to even the most ignorant. We just now need to make sure that we don't allow others to fall into the same ignorance and falsehood.

Oh, did you hear that? Shhhh.....

It was Ellen cheering us Formers on..... (smile!)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Doug Batchelor and Homosexuality

You have to give it to Doug on this one. He is saying it as plainly as I have heard!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Catholics Idea About 666 and the Beast!

Although Catholics do not have an "official" interpretation of the prophecies in Daniel and Revelation, in general, this is what it teaches.

I get many questions about this, so I thought Jimmy Akin does a good job in explaining it.

God bless you all.



Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hello to our Readership in Israel!

We have people all over the world who read our blog. Thank you! Over 85 countries regularly watch  us and that is so exciting. It's amazing. Specifically, we have a regular following of people in Israel and I am curious as to what about this blog interests them.

Dear Israelis:
I am so excited and thrilled you read, how humbled I am. What brings you here? Are there some Seventh-day Adventists or former SDAs in Israel that read? If anyone there would wish to respond I would find it fascinating and be so thankful.

G-d bless you!
Teresa Beem