Monday, April 25, 2011


The leaders of the Adventist church have been on my heart lately. I think we need to do more than simply educate, we need to do some prayer warrior intervention. Most of us already pray for them, but I would like to make a more formal prayer request of you--specifically for the leaders of this church. I would like to ask all my Christian friends, especially those who used to be SDA, to pray for the leaders of that church each week. I was originally thinking Saturday, but I know I am not on my blog much on the weekend, so I might forget to post the prayer. How many of you would join me in prayer for them on Friday afternoon or evening?

From my own encounters with Adventist leaders, I believe there is a deep pride that must be broken at the foot of the cross, but even more than that a fear of knowing the truth. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to find out you are preaching or teaching a false gospel? It would be crushing to those who are sincere.

Please join me in praying for them each Friday (I will try and remember to post the prayer on my facebook page) and please add names of SDA leaders you would like us to pray for.

This is my personal prayer, feel free to use it or your own prayers:

Dear Almighty and Holy Father,
We ask that you will open our hearts to see Adventists through Your eyes, Father. Protect us from the plague of self-righteousness, that our gentle, humble spirit will draw them irresistibly to Your eternal love and infinite mercy.

We bring before Your sacred throne these people who are leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist church:

President, Ted Wilson
Cliff Goldstein
Doug Batchelor
Randy Roberts
Alden Ho
Ira Bartolome
Ron Halverson, Jr.
Shawn Boonstra

Mark Witas
Jerry Arnold
Pastor and Mrs. Tom Losey
Dr. Merlin Bert
Dr. Jud Lake
Dr. Ken Ford
Pastor Jim Hiner
Pastor Loren Siebold
Greg Nelson
Pastor Dwight Nelson
Pastor Skip MacCarty
Pastor Seth Pierce
Pastor Clinton Meharry
Pastor Don Keele
Pastor Ron Kelly
Pastor Ray House
Pastor Paul Vunileva
Norman  Lim of Singapore 
Teddy Asok

For these we entreat You, Father, to break the shackles of subconscious spiritual pride found in SDA doctrine, which divides Adventists from Your Body and starves them of unity with other Christians. We pray that their eyes and ears will be opened to Truth, their hearts humbly melted by Your love which casts out fearful, erroneous doctrines. Sustain them, succor them through the shock and grief of recognizing they have taught a false gospel. Give them a thriving, healing faith and open up the joy of heaven as they grasp the beauty of the New Covenant of grace. Then, Lord, pour upon them the superabundance of courage that they will boldly preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

We ask this In the precious name of Jesus Christ and through His blood,