Friday, February 24, 2012

Do You Want to Leave the Seventh-day Adventist Church?

There are so many blogs, websites, Facebook pages, forums now that discuss leaving the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Lots of support groups and a mountain of theological materials to help you transition. (Our book being one.) 

Many of you reading this know someone who left. 

Some did become atheists, as you probably expected because Ellen White predicted it. Some are bitter, as you also expected. 

But what about those who didn't leave Christ on their way out? What about those who seem to have more joy and fulfillment in Christ after they left? 

You figure they just didn't "get" Adventism. They had a bad experience within Adventism, or they are just the rebellious type. 

But no, that is also not the case when you really look into their lives. They were pastors, teachers, conference workers who were happy Adventists but left because they didn't think some SDA doctrines were Biblical. 

Something is amiss and you know it in your heart. Adventism just doesn't add up. It is such a nice culture and they actually live longer! Doesn't that mean something? 

You are torn between what you have been taught all your life and what you actually see. You have been taught to have faith in your church and it's last day message as the remnant, but it isn't the same as having faith in Christ. There is something wrong with the SDA church but perhaps what that exactly is isn't clear to you. 

Since the beginning of the Advent movement in the late 1800's prominent SDAs have left the church because they had the same feeling you have. They discovered that the Bible doesn't really teach what Adventist doctrines claim it does. They interpret scripture through the lenses of Ellen White's angel. But what if that angel weren't of God? 

It can be overwhelming, terrifying, agonizing to admit your whole life you have been duped by a false prophet and some very false doctrines. 

Just know that many, many thousands have gone before you and left a well-worn trail out there for you. There are so many of us who have seen the other side and know it is truly a place filled with God's glorious freedom. 

If you are wondering, searching or even know for certain you want to leave, let the internet groups and the books written by former SDAs help you. No reason to go it alone. We would feel privileged to help you through this and point out the things that might hurt or shock you out here! 

God bless you in your search. We have been praying for you.