Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Ellen White/King James Bible Unveiled!

Be sure and listen to the video promotion at this site. Well, they finally did it. I wanted to cry but my husband said this is one of the most revealing things Adventists have done to date. He believes that all thinking Adventists will see the blasphemy in placing Ellen White quotes into the Bible texts. Even if they are highlighted and clearly not part of the text, the fact that they are actually inserted into the main framework of scriptures amplifies Ellen's writings to near or equal to scripture.

When people read this Bible, they will be brainwashed into reading Ellen White's personal interpretation (or other SDA church pioneer's interpretation).

If Adventists don't rise up and decry this abomination to sacred scripture, they then have entrenched themselves into a cult.

I hate to use the word cult, and rarely do because the word can be interpreted in many ways. But what I mean is a cult is a small group who attach themselves to a self-appointed prophet who claims to understand God or the Bible in a new way, having a new "revelation" for the world. Their following often see them equal to or near equal to God. When Ellen White's writings are placed into the sacred Word of God, then we can truly say the Adventists have become a cult following.

Either stand up and make your disapproval of this known, Adventists or you will become more and more relegated by Christianity into a strange, bizarre sect who have their own set of scriptures--(think Mormons, Jehovah's Witness.)

Please, as someone who is concerned for your souls, think about this carefully!!