Friday, June 14, 2013

Adventists Leaders on Women's Ordination

Why Women's Ordination = Unity from Spectrum | Adventist Forum on Vimeo.

No Women's Ordination

GC President, Ted Wilson (at least until it has been voted on officially)

Doug Batchelor

Pieter Damsteegt

Yes Woman's Ordination

Dwight Nelson

Randy Roberts

Obey Leaders

Cliff Goldstien

The Seventh-Day Adventist Church is 150 Years Old Today

The Houston Chronicle notices:

Here are some SDA promos from the movie, "The Adventists." Please note the main focus is on SDA healthcare. No mention of Ellen White or the Sabbath Message or the Last Days. It's Ellen-Lite.

Well, I guess having a longer than average life expectancy is fine. That's a good thing. But they need to get other more vital things right being a religious group. Christians would tend, you would hope, to spend more time on the gospel than on promoting health.

My concern is that Adventists are pro-choice and some SDA hospitals do abortions on demand. This is a great concern for Christians who wish to join with Adventists in spreading the gospel. However, Christians have always been against abortion. Therefore, the SDA church's promotion of it through its honoring of the United State's most notorious abortionist, Edward C. Allred, at La Sierra University, is so scandalous to God's people as to virtually remove themselves from mainstream Christianity.

Christ doesn't weigh our good works against our bad works. Adventists will not get a pass for being pro-choice because they helped the children that got to live. This is basic Christianity 101.

I wouldn't be truthful if I wished the SDA church a life expectancy ten years more than the average denomination life expectancy (since that is what it seems these two film messages are about.) What I wish for them, what I pray earnestly for them is that they will come to understand the fullness of truth and join the Christian Body of Christ. I hope something much more than a long earthly life. I want them to be eternal people, people of Heaven.

We will continue praying for them. God can do miracles.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Hero by Teresa Beem

When Average Joe falls, we chuckle, we joke, 
Whatcha expect from a regular bloke?
His language is peppered, like regular folk. 
Give 'em a break and go find ya a smoke! 

His eye filled with lust for the maidens and beer,
Life for us mortals needs warmth and good cheer.
No need to go judgin' or cryin’ a tear, 
For Joe, we'll forget by this time next year.

We like Joe, aren’t a god, we confess,
We didn’t start nor can clean up this mess

we’re just livin‘--no more and no less,
for comfort and fun, surviving the stress.

For you and for me and for Joe, we belong
t'a world, a real world, where temptation is strong.
We toast to a time when no more there'll be wrong,
Till then, we will boast with a frail human song!

Yet once in a lifetime a soul doth arise,
with steel-plated courage, with pure, endless eyes,
his fiery virtue, to draw and baptize
men from their lethargy, lust and their lies.

His smile warns cowards as a rattlesnakes rattle,

to cease in his presence from four-lettered prattle,
our mooing and moaning as if we were cattle.
Even Joe, his strength, gives the valor to battle.

But heroes and saints? The merriment stills,
a hush, as news of their fallenness spills
out like a death. A betrayal that kills
a small piece of God. No righteous man wills.

As heroes they crumble their sheep they forsake,
The sins of the shepherds, they shatter and shake
making a mountain of faith an earthquake.
Our cowardly hearts too easily break. 

Great men confuse our endless weak chain
So Joe and so you and so me, we remain
comfortable cowards. It seems so insane
to risk and to give and to crash and cause pain.

We toast to good Tom, to good Dick and good Joe,
We toast to us all and each regular schmo,
We laugh at our foibles, our foibles we know.
Yet a strange solemn silence at our fallen hero.  

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Adventists Worshipping on the Sabbath or Worshipping the Sabbath?

A non-Adventist recently wondered aloud to me why Adventists seem to worship the Sabbath. 

"Really, it seems as if they are obsessed with that day. They don't even talk about Jesus.... It's just Sabbath this, Sabbath that. As if being a true Christian had more to do with Sabbataransim than Jesus and the Cross."

Well, we Christians do tend towards finding our little special Christian "niche" and hanging around it. For some fundamentalists, its the Bible. They seem to worship the Bible. Pentecostals kinda hang your born-again credentials on whether you speak in tongues or not. Some people are King James Only Christians. 

We all find a way of drawing lines between ourselves. We all want an "identity" that makes us stand out among every other person. 

For Adventists, it's not about the Second Advent anymore. In the last couple decades everyone is talking about the last days and Jesus soon return. Vegetarianism has been made popular by.... everyone. So vegetarianism isn't an Adventists way of identifying themselves anymore. 

Adventist as a group aren't pro-life. They don't stand out in their defense of marriage or sexual morals or respect to parents or not coveting or stealing or taking the Lord's name in vain. They don't stand out in education or charities. 

Sabbatarianism is really it for them. It is their only distinctive label when compared to other Christians. 

Is that a bad or good thing?