Tuesday, March 30, 2010

America's Generosity

Often, in America, we are roused by angry people who believe that Capitalism is intrinsically an evil economic system. We will leave that argument for another day. But the assumption that rich people are mean-spirited and greedy is not factual. Americans, by in large, are the most generous of all people on earth.

Take the example of Hurricane Katrina. Americans--through private charities-- gave approximately $6 BILLION.

2009: the US gives $300 BILLION to charity.

That is almost twice what Americans spent on all electronic equipment combined. (All those computer games, ipods, computers, etc.) We spend MUCH more on charity than on gambling--by 300%! One of the most shocking stats to me was that we spent TEN TIMES--ten times--TEN TIMES as much on charity as on all professional sports. That is amazing. I would never have thought that one.

This puts us way above any other country on planet earth in voluntary giving.

Statistics also show that people who are religiously devout give three times more than those who say they are only moderately religious or not religious at all.

So, when anyone says that America is greedy and heartless, forgetting the poor, I say look at the statistics and really question the motives of those who are trying to get you to fork over some more of your money to government control. Often, it is those who want unabated power that try to guilt you or even intimidate you into handing things over to them.

We are a VERY generous, big-hearted, compassionate country, don't let anyone fool you. There may be some problems with management of money..... but not the money itself.

(Note: I am not arguing the capitalist system. I am simply giving statistics simply because I am very suspicious of people who twist reality to suit their own agenda.)

The information contained in this post is from Imprimis, January 2010, Vol. 39, Number 1, "The Generosity of America" by Adam Meyerson, President, The Philanthropy Roundtable.