Thursday, December 5, 2013


With the recent popularity of the book: Pagan Christianity, many scholars, among them Dr. Mark A. Snoeberger, professor of Systematic Theology at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, believe it is time to thoroughly root out and purge Christianity of its false practices. Among these despicable rites is: tithe.

Archeology has uncovered the deep, sordid and surly practice of giving a tenth of one's income to false idols by ancient cultures. From time immemorial, back to the very primeval dark times of witchcraft and sorcery, tithing has been a part of man's demonic rituals. 


We now know that the people of Babylon tithed to the Babylonian gods. And this sad tale of tithing spread across the world with ancient records showing that the ancient tithing rites of the Akkadians, Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Cretans--think about that for a moment. Ponder that the Cretans tithed! And tithing was even known during the time of the Romans. And that dear friends is why some, pagan-influenced Christians today tithe. It was introduced into Christianity by the Romans who got it from Babylon. Seriously? Do you want to be tithing as did the ancient Whore of Babylon?

Can you see the obvious connection between the roundness of the offering plate in church and the solar disk used by ancient pagans to worship the sun god? And when you place your offering of the  U.S. dollar with its pagan symbols into the round solar disk offering plate, you are in essence committing idolatry by that offering to the sun god. 

In Dr. Snoeberger's conclusion, he reveals, "the pre-Mosaic tithe did not originate with divine revelation. In fact, the evidence suggests identifying the practice of the patriarch's pagan neighbors as the basis for patriarchal tithing practices."

Wicked, wicked practices! Paganism. Time to cease and desist from continuing the ancient rites of Babylon of tithing. 

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