Wednesday, June 11, 2008


My husband and my book will soon be published and will be available online through several different venues, the main being It is our prayer that many SDA's who are hurting will find healing through the historical and Biblical facts found in our research.

We are certainly not anti-Adventists. We loved all our SDA friends and family and know that they are saved through their faith in Christ. We consider you our Christian brothers and sisters in Christ. We are concerned by what we saw in some Adventist "ghettos" though and we feel we must try and rescue those who have been hurt by some Adventist doctrines or leaders. Some Adventists, it seems, were not raised with the grace we were taught in Adventism and were taught legalism. As we have traveled around America (and even outside the US) we are hopeful as we see signs of progressive Adventists becoming prominent. Praise God!! But we know there is also a polarization of Adventism also, as we see some areas clinging ever more firmly to doctrine that is clearly not scriptural nor healthy.

We invite your comments and we are here to help.

With love in Christ,
Teresa Beem