Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thoughts on the Evils of Adventism

The more that I watch the Adventists in my and my husband's life, the more I am convinced that the following describes most adult Adventists. They are:

1. Passive

Adventists see themselves as part of some cosmic fate that they cannot help in any way. Everything is preordained by God and they are merely awash in the stream of life powerlessly enduring the suffering their beliefs cause. They live in a self-imposed paralysis. When anything bad happens, they don’t confront it, they regress and retreat to a safe position and watch on helplessly. Passivity protects them from the self-sacrifice it takes to reach out to others and deal with problems.

2. Willfully ignorant

Adventists beliefs are willfully ignorant in that they have sources all around them to prove that what they believe is false and they shore themselves up with allies who will emotionally protect their lies. Their passivity keeps them from reaching out and looking, even in an infinitesimal way, from the darkness into the light. Shutting out reality is a stubborn and not totally subconscious act. They feel ignorance is righteousness. Willful ignorance keeps them from the pain of discovering that they are wrong and are living a lie.

3. Living in an ignorance that Harms Others

Adventists cling to their beliefs so desperately they intentionally ignore the pain and suffering that it is causing their families. They emotionally abandon their families to terrible decisions about Sabbath sacrificing and relinquishing their children to immoral SDA elementary and high school academies because that is the way they were raised. They brainwash their children with fear of other Christians and terrorize them with last-day predictions. They in their passivity and deliberate ignorance do not think carefully but put their brains on autopilot or into the hands of others to do their critical thinking because it is just too much trouble. They couch in innocence a life that imposes a harsh reality on their family. They willfully repress the courage it takes to face the suffering of admitting that their dark worldview hurts themselves and those they love.

4. Blaming Others

Adventists live in a world where they cannot be wrong. Their perfectionist worldview enslaves them in a existence where everyone else is to blame for their life. They reject the bravery of self-examination and taking responsibility.

5. Seduced by the sin of omission

Adventists will live and die in a world in which they created because they do not have the strength nor the will nor the desire to change. Their life, in their eyes, is righteous BECAUSE of their weakness, passivity and willful ignorance and when their world crashes around them BECAUSE of their life choices, they are confused. They never realize their foul and dishonorable sins of omission tyrannized themselves and their family.

TIME TO STAND UP, Oh Adventist and gain the courage to see the truth. Turn from the lies your perpetuate. Do not let life passively go by, swimming in the murky vomit of the cackling demons who want you to drown in eternity. Do not allow your children to grow up enslaved by the sins of passivity, pride, and willful ignorance. Step into the light and the grace of God. Step into a world that demands courage. It is going to hurt, it is going to hurt badly. BUT YOU WILL SURVIVE IT! The truth is worth it and your life will be forever changed.

Love is worth it.

A prayer for Adventists:

Most Sweet Jesus, Lord and Creator of the world, Redeemer of the human race, place my plea in your most sacred heart and when the Eternal Father sees it covered in your Precious Blood, He will not be able to refuse it. It will no longer be my desperate plea but His! BE KING, Oh Jesus, of those deceived by erroneous opinions and call them out of their self-righteous darkness into the truth, that we, as Christians, may all be of one flock with one mighty Shepherd.

Have mercy upon us, dearest Father in the name of your beloved Son, Jesus, Amen.

Seventh-day Adventist to Roman Catholic: Closed-Mindedness

Seventh-day Adventist to Roman Catholic: Closed-Mindedness

I thought I would repost Hugo's thoughts here. It is extremely interesting to go to the original text and then the numerous responses. Makes you a little sick to your stomach that people want to badly to cling to faulty history---WHEN THE HISTORY IS PRO CHRISTIAN! I don't get it.