Wednesday, January 16, 2013

If I Could Talk to the World

Yes, it is a fantasy of mine.

When I learn something wonderful and wise,  I wish I could teach it to the world so that all the little children will never have to make the same mistakes as our generation and all would be well and there would be peace and joy in the land.

It'll happen--the peace and joy part.... It's predicted...

Since this little blog is my mic to the world, I guess I'll write it here. And hopefully a few people will listen and get as excited about it as I am.

This one is for our youth.

Soooo, youth of the world. Hi. I know you generally don't like to listen to adults and think it annoying to hear, "I'm older than you and I know more and yadda yadda yadda....."

Can I be really really genuine and talk to you with utter respect? Okay, here it is: If your parents don't know more than you; they don't really love you or they are just plain stupid. What kind of rotten parents aren't looking around seeking wisdom to impart upon their kids so that they can help them get through life with less stress, less mistakes, less heartache than they did.

Only truly selfish, self-centered parents who don't give two-cents for their kids would just stroll through life watching television, going to Disneyland, spending their money on what they want to do... just having fun without any care at ALL to gain wisdom FOR THEIR KIDS.  No, most parents are not like that.....We are for you.

See here's the thing. You don't like to hear how smart your parents are because #1 you're proud. Don't think I'm harsh for pointing that out, we all struggle with pride. But it is silly not to listen to really good advice if it will help you. Be humble, be okay that your parents are smarter than you. Humility is a good thing.

#2 You hate to listen because you think your PARENTS are proud and just trying to control you and hammering you with all their expectations. Well, I can't comment on that because I don't know your parents. But, the ones I do know- and I know a lot-- have more problems with talking than with pride.  Their parents spoke to them in a condescending way, in a rough way, so they think they need to talk down to you. They think it is the right way to talk to their kids. And that's all wrong.

People listen to people who speak to them kindly, humbly and with respect. It works out really well that way. When our kids know that we think highly of them, they will listen to us. When parents know their kids think highly of them, they can speak to them with respect. It's a chicken and egg thing. So whether you are the chicken or the egg listen and speak respectfully and eventually both of you will. It's just how human nature works. Someone had to start the respect thing... Parents NEED to be the ones... but if they don't.... do it yourself.

Anyway. So, once you discover that you might be dealing with some pride issues when you blow off your parent's advice, begin to think of how you might listen with some respect for their wisdom. When you really start thinking about it, you will discover that you have your own cabinet of advisors God gave you for your life. Even the president has a staff of advisors. This is a good thing. We can't all know everything and how incredible it is that God didn't leave you on your own to figure everything out.

This one is for the parents:

Parents need to be out there busting their backsides getting wisdom to pass down to their kids. They should be reading and thinking and praying and analyzing with a burning passion for their kids and grandkids and great grandkids. Life is hard. We all need parental wisdom. Put down the remote, the golf clubs, the beer and pizza. Go get wisdom for your kids. When you do this, you will find that your kids will listen. Say it humbly. There is nothing, nothing more inspirational to kids than to see parents sacrificing for them, to help them in life. If they see your struggle for wisdom, to learn what is right and best in each situation and then sacrifice to do it... they will respect and listen to you.

Even nerds can be heroes for their kids. Even the most uncool parents can blow their kids away with their wisdom when kids see their parents trying and sacrificing and striving and giving up what they want in order to do what is best for their kids.

This is not about spoiling your kids. Never. That is not wisdom. I am talking about struggling to do what's right in your marriage, in what you do during the day, in knowing when it is time to play golf with your son or playing golf with your buddies. It is the struggle to think about what you are doing day by day to make yourself, your family and your community a better place. It is about being others centered instead of self-centered. Be a hero to your kids. They have enough pals who will play video games with them, go to concerts with them. Do heroic things with your kids, engage them in important conversations, listen to their views without interrupting or without judgment. Listen with wisdom and then when wisdom calls you to speak, speak in humility and love. Then your kids will listen.

Go... run out and gain wisdom. (And begin with the fear of God.)