Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Adventist Auschwitz

I have never encountered a place like Keene, Texas anywhere. Good people, really nice and good people live there. But few people who grew up or lived there for any amount of time come out alive (metaphorically). To call it the Adventist Auschwitz sounds highly and offensively dramatic, but you don't know what I know about the place and if you did, you would use the same language.

Something is wrong, evil about that town. It is a haunt of demons who prowl around harassing and devouring the innocent people there.

If you live there, get out.

My family hates when I talk about Keene this way because they think I am insulting the people which is totally misunderstanding me. I want people out because I love them and think the world of them.

Yes, I know horrible stuff happens everywhere, but nothing like in Keene. Ninety-five percent of people who spend years living in Keene have a life that is hell and ruined by various evils. I lived there for twenty years and saw the outcomes--the suicides, the suicide attempts, the sexual promiscuity, the rape, the incest, the sexual abuse of minors by both family member and religious leaders and the forced abortions when the youth get pregnant, the affairs, the divorces, the satanic groups, the mental illness, the communal deception, the drug abuse, murder (even murder!), the hopelessness, the wanton life of evil cloaked under religion. Consciences are seared as a hot iron and when someone lives too long in Keene they become deaf and blind to it.

Because I was a person people, for some reason, went to with their horrors, I found out more than probably most of the pastors there. If you live there, you probably won't know how bad it is until it is too late. I heard all the stuff I just wrote BY THE VICTIMS themselves--there is nothing I have written that was second hand.

If you think people just make this stuff up, I say... okay, perhaps some of the stuff I heard was from people who just made it up... fine. But then Keene has a different problem. It is full of liars and mental derangement. It is a city of mental sickness. But then we must ask why?

You drive through Keene, or even move there, and the first few years are fine. It seems like any sweet little old-fashioned town. People are SO nice and they have great traditions, unique traditions. Yet, somehow the longer you are there, the darkness shows itself. It's weird and I can't describe it. It's as if a shadow of demonic forces begin to follow a person around. It is a vortex and the nicer you are... the more you are targeted.

Of course there are a few who live blissfully ignorant of what goes on in Keene and think it a sweet place. And if you are a retired SDA leader and can stay out of everyone else's life and live like a monk--then you will probably be fine. But just don't look under the sweet overcoat of Keene or you will see things you never wanted to see. And then you will be culpable if you don't cry out.

If you live in Keene today:

GET OUT!! Do not live in Keene and for God's sake don't let your kids grow up there. Something wicked that way comes...