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Dear Teresa,

I don't think you realize just how special this book is for so many of us! Your book has a beautiful cover, a catchy and "snagging" title, is sold in a public venue, and is written carefully and thoroughly. This makes it versatile in using with people who wouldn't otherwise pick up. I have a deep burden for reaching out to Adventists. Stepping into freedom in Christ meant the whole world to me, and I know so many who are where I was and are struggling to find/be found by God. My pastor friend who I'm presenting for here, thinks that God has plans to do something big in this area...and thinks God has plans for me. I don't see how that will happen right now...I'm just an over-tired stay-at-home mom...but, I can hand out books...and if that's my mission, that I can handle! :) So, all that to say that having your book feels like a God send specifically to me. It deals with everything like no other book out there. So...always believe that the money and time and commitment you gave of yourself to God...will have a purpose and a meaning! While financially you may not feel like you will be repaid for it in this life (though I have a feeling you will see quite a volume of sales as more and more people get their hands on it) always remember that each person who reads it, and is rescued from Adventism, is a person who is forever indebted to you and the sacrifices for Christ that you've made. You are a giant of faith to me (and others I know) and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Blessings In Christ!


Donna said...

I just saw you on the Journey Home. I have several questions. Please feel free to answer "read my book", if you've answered any of these questions in detail in your book. I plan to read your book, but I have a very long book list right now. I do not have contact with any 7th Day Adventist that I know of currently, but I'd like to understand and be prepared.
It seems based on what you said that you still have contact with your family. Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormans are taught to ostrasize people who leave their church, all be it, perhaps to protect members from being preached out the doors, which I suppose also keeps people in fear to stay, fear of losing all contact with family. Did you ever go thru any of that?
Since Adventists don't believe in church on Sunday, how do they view the significance of Jesus' resurrection on the third day?
Adventist seem to be so Old Covenant people, how do they see themselves in the ligt of the New Covenant, specifically with regard to Peter's dream in the Acts of the Apostles when God tells him 3 times that no food is unclean?
If Adventists are told that Constantine started the Catholic church, yet they believe that the early fathers are not to be trusted & fallen away when are they taught the Catholic church was 'established'?
You had said somethng about Adventists would say that "Jesus didn't drink wine...and would fight to the death" that Jesus drank grape juice. Do they believe drinking is a sin? So if the Adventists don't believe Jesus drank wine at the last supper, what do they believe about the wedding of Cana when He turns the water into wine. Clearly if He turns the water into wine, then He must approve of it or He's leading people into sin, if they believe drinking wine is a sin?
As you spoke, in the time of the apostles they not only observed the sabath on Saturday and went to the temple when they could but also observed the Lords day on Sunday in commemoration of His resurrection, what do Adventists do to commemorate the resurrection of the Lord? How do most Adventists spend their time on Sunday?
Thank you for your testimony.

Teresa Beem said...

Hi Donna! Thanks for watching the show. I will try to answer all your questions.

Adventists distance themselves from Adventists that leave the church because of grief, fear and they just simply don't know what to say to them any more. There is no doctrinal statement that Adventists must "shun" someone who has left. My friends and family are very devastated by leaving the fold and have a very difficult time talking to me because of their hurt and confusion, but I know they still love me very much.

Adventists simply do not put any emphasis on the day of Christ's resurrection as far as celebrating it. They usually speak about it on the Sabbath before Easter Sunday.

Adventists believe God was showing Peter that PEOPLE were not unclean, but they believe it had nothing to do with foods.

They believe the Catholic church was established at the time of Constantine. They have no real word for the church before that. They really don't study that time period at all.

Adventists believe Jesus turned the water into grape juice.... really....I know that is hard to believe but that is what they teach.

Adventists treat Sunday as a work day. They see no significance at all in it.

Let me know if I didn't answer any of these questions thoroughly enough for you because I am most happy to. Thank you for taking the time to even write. God bless,
Teresa Beem

EpiscopalOSL said...

Hi Teresa,
I left a message...ahhh,I'm pretty sure I saw it post!I can't find it now...this blogging is new to me!:)I saw you on the EWTN.I would really love to have a conversation with you,but need some help on where to post and FIND your response!!Thanks for your help...God bless You!!
Episcopal OSL

Jemdude said...

I am a current Seventh Day Adventist. I have not read your book, but I did read your resignation letter.

I do not agree with all of your reasons for leaving, but I do share some of your concerns such as the abortion issue, dancing, etc. I've decided to stay in the Adventist Church because I still believe in keeping the 7th day Sabbath, and any other group that I would join (if I left the SDA church) is going to have faults of their own.

Teresa Beem said...


You may contact me personally at:

Teresa Beem said...


If you have decided to stay, then I will be praying for you! Keep working on your church to do something about its abortion stance. I would be crazy not to recommend reading our book, but that is between you and the Lord.

God bless,
Teresa Beem

Jemdude said...

I'm still here Teresa. Don't worry. I'm not here to engage in a heated debate but just to have a calm conversation.

If I were to leave the Adventist church, there would have to be another 7th Day Sabbath keeping group; which is not available where I live. I would not feel comfortable going to a Sunday keeping group and since I am vegetarian, it would be harder to attend a church that had dinners that didn't cater to that.

Although I don't have any proof, I believe that most individual Adventists are pro-life, regardless of what the General Conference says. But still, I share your concern about the General Conference's views on the subject of abortion.

Teresa Beem said...

I found the overwhelming majority of Adventists ARE pro-life, but so many of them do not vote that way. It seems they perceive it as a church/state political issue that would open up last-day events if they were vocal against it. Can't figure out that one.

Glad you are here and God bless,
Teresa Beem

Jemdude said...

Some Adventists are afraid of supporting a "pro-life and pro-family" candidate or political party for fear that if they were in power, a national Sunday law would be enforced. In some ways, I don't blame them for their concern because historically, people who pushed for national Sunday laws had no regard for people who observe a different day. Here's one disturbing article I read recently:

It's interesting when a Sunday keeper argues with an Adventist on the Sabbath issue, they will claim that it makes no difference what day one keeps; but at the same time, will support Sunday laws. I'm not here to argue what day a person should keep, but if it truly makes no difference what day one keeps, then these same people should not be promoting Sunday laws.

Teresa Beem said...

I have actually found no denomination that supports Sunday laws. Particular people or individual churches might, but a Sunday Law is simply not stressed in any denomination I have ever encountered.

That is kind of an Adventist legend.

Still said...


No denomination supported a Sunday law? Really? What about the Catholic Church, for example? I have myself heard John Paul II speaking of just this and even urging governments of the world to ensure that there would be no obstacle to prevent Sunday observance. And I heard the current Pope saying that Catholic public servants (a.k.a politicians) have to follow the Church doctrines lest they be excommunicated. All of this is not legend.

Please, read the book The National Sunday Law: Argument of Alonzo T. Jones before the United States Senate Committee on Education and Labor, Dec. 13, 1888 (you can find it on too). A.T. Jones really appeared before the Senate which wanted to implement just that, a Sunday law. It is not legend either.

So what you wrote is not correct.

Jemdude said...

Teresa, what church denomination are you attending now?

Teresa Beem said...

I attend St. Paul's Catholic church on Sundays and go to Wednesday night services at Temple Baptist.

I will always attend Protestant services because I LOVE the charismatic praise times--raising your hands, etc. But theologically I am Roman Catholic. I also adore, adore the high liturgy and symbolism of that faith. I am kinda ecumenical in my love for worshiping God.

Teresa Beem said...

The Catholic church wants NO impediments to those who want to attend mass on Sunday. It is the exact same thing as Adventists who want NO impediments to being able to worship on Saturday. Catholics who reside in radical Muslim and Hindu and even Buddhist areas are being prevented from Christian worship. This is what the pope is speaking of, laws that allow CHRISTIANS to worship, not laws that force non-Christians and Sabbatarians to worship on Sunday.

And I actually have read that speech by Jones.

So what I wrote was correct, we were just interpreting "Sunday Law" differently. But I should have known how Adventists take that phrase.... mea culpa. What I was referring to was there are no current denomination I am aware of that are trying to force anyone to attend Sunday services.

There are groups out there who are trying to enact Sunday laws that will allow them to freely go to church on Sunday without being fired. (See the similarities with what the SDA church is doing with their "Religious Freedom" legal arm that tries to keep Sabbatarians from being fired for keeping Saturday?)

Hope that clears it up.

Anonymous said...

Teresa, welcome home to the Catholic Church. I just got your book. Is it written from a Catholic perspective or were you still a Protestant when it was written? I look forward to reading it.

Fr. Jim

Teresa Beem said...

Fr. Jim,
My husband and I were thoroughly Protestant when we wrote the book. But simultaneously we were studying the Catholic faith (along with Calvinism, Lutheranism, Fundamentalism, etc.) It was interesting because researching the "Sabbath History " part of the book threw us directly in the path of the Ante-Nicene writers. Those were ultimately the source materials that made us look at scripture differently.

I have been telling people, when you really research the first 150 years of Christianity, you are put in a position of either becoming Catholic or atheist. You have to dump the whole thing as craziness or say that God was in charge. And if God was in charge, then He wanted his church to obey the anointed succession of bishops, believe in the real presence in the Eucharist.... it just goes on and on.

I didn't want to leave Adventism--I LOVED being an Adventist. But I desired more than anything to know God. So when I found out that Adventism distorted one's view of God, I left. It was the most traumatic decision I ever made. Then I can tell you I DID NOT NOT NOT want to become Catholic. But when I saw that they had the fullness of truth, I jumped in and actually thought it would kill me. (I thought I would die of a heart attack.... really! It was that emotionally terrifying.) But then... the more I studied the more I understood and God opened my eyes and I cannot tell you how I am more overjoyed, stunned, and overcome by the beauty of God and His creation now. Every day I wake up thanking God with all my heart that He carried me kicking and screaming into Catholicism!

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel being a convert myself and having had a similar experience. To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant as Newman said. When you get a chance you might update your book to reflect Catholic concerns or write one that deals with the Adventist view of Catholicism. In a way though your book might be a good bridge. An Adventist who might never ever consider Catholicism might through your book become a Protestant on the way to Rome.

Fr. Jim

Teresa Beem said...

I would love to do that.... do a Catholic version of the book. Marcus Grodi mentioned the same thing. So, you have any suggestions as to who to contact?

Anonymous said...

I am afraid not. Although in your book you mention one written by a Catholic and an Adventist from Ave Maria Press. I can't find it anywhere.

I think what would be helpful would be taking the common fallacies that Adventists use against Catholics and writing a solid apologetic. All of the things Amazing Facts and their ilk put out. A critique of how they misuse the papacy in prophesy. The whole 666 issue. If you could get a good theologian to co-write it that would be great. It would be a huge task, but someone needs to do it. If I can think of anything to help I will let you know.
Fr. J

Teresa Beem said...

EEEWWWWW, what a great idea! I never thought about that....

Hummm I am going to give that some serious thought. I am already knee deep in a book that will probably take me a couple years to write, but I think the book you are speaking of is really necessary.

About the Catholic and Adventist book, I just sent my only copy to a cousin. Don't know where you might find it--- can't even remember where I got it.

Thanks for the idea! And I may be contacting you for help sometime in the future...
God bless,

Jemdude said...


The problem with the Sunday laws that the Catholic church wants to impliment is that while they may not force a person to go to go to church on Sunday, it will force all businesses to close on Sundays. This will make it very inconvenient for Sabbath keepers who will have to wait until Monday to shop and make it harder to work on Sunday to make up for lost time for not working on Saturday.

I think I'm going to stay in the Adventist church because every church has their faults and I'm not going to feel comfortable in a regular Sunday keeping church. Ironicly, I know of at least one former Roman Catholic who became an Adventist. If I were to move, I would consider another Sabbath keeping church or Messianic Judaism, but not back to a regular church.

Anonymous said...

Well, history shows that there were just as many Sunday Laws from Protestant groups as with Catholic. History tends to repeat itself, so I have no doubt there will be some groups out there trying to force businesses to shut down on Sunday. It just won't be about making people worship then--too many Jews and Muslims and atheists to force anyone to worship ANYTIME!

When it comes to where you worship, I think that is between you and God. If God is not telling you to leave Adventism, don't! Just obey Him and you will be given peace. And keep in mind LOTS of denominations have Friday or Saturday services--even Catholic!

Edgardo said...

Fr. J and Teresa,
The book is called "An Adventist and a Catholic, by Paul Eirene, C.Ss.R.".
This book, written by a Catholic priest, is a personal encounter with Seventh-day Adventism. It consists of letters exchanged between the author, and an Adventist friend. It captures the deep spirituality of Catholicism and compares it quite objectively with Adventism. I read this book and was stunned at the contrast between the incredibly spiritual depth of Catholic teaching and the message of the Bible on the one hand, and the Adventist attempt to read things into the Bible and bring back the Old Covenant Sabbath on the other hand. Truly one of the best books I have read on the Catholic view of the Sabbath and other Adventist teachings. This is really a MUST for any Catholic interested in Adventism, or any Adventist interested in Catholicism. The book was translated from the original Slovak.

The book can be purchased from
Ave Maria Press, P.O.Box 489, Station U, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M8Z 5Y8
or by phoning
(416) 251-4245
(800) 663-MARY
or faxing (416) 253-0480.

Original info taken from:

Anonymous said...

Jem, please don't buy into the conspiracy theories. The Catholic Church has better things to do then try to make you obey blue laws.

Ed, thanks so much!

Fr. J

Anonymous said...

you know come to think of it the is no biblical evidence that a solemn assembly was on sunday, they just met. just like wednesday bible studies. It's precious to have christian fellowship. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the sabbath it has been since the begining and if having church for you on that day is not working out, it's good to know you have found something that does.

I am glad christ died for me and resurrected on sunday. i don't need to make a tradition of it. if it helps you know that he rose again then go for it. i feel some of the statements are very unfair and do not represent the whole truth.

I should treat the day he died with a lot of significance too shoulnd't i...but that will be traditions of men not of God ha ha. this means that the body of christ is really confused.

I love God and i love you a child of God. ps i am an adventist and i love open discussions i don't want to argue.

Anonymous said...

left a message...ahhh,I'm pretty sure I saw it post!I can't find it now... me to teresa did you think what i was saying you did not want ppl to read i keep looking and i cannot fine it why is that i see is not the first time this happens i saw that it hapent to somwone else are you scared that what you are saying is not the tru ok well so be it, i knw the tru

Anonymous said...

i should say that what you are doing is betwen you and the devil becuase that is the devil job you are doing teresa

Anonymous said...

ppl need to stop this none sence like you teresa and really read the bible and stop making money traying to destroy ppls souls.

Jemdude said...

It's been said in previous posts that no denomination supports Sunday laws, but that isn't true. In the nation of Croatia, they passed a law to limit Sunday shopping. It was highly promoted by the Roman Catholic Church.

I'm not here to argue about which day is the Sabbath day. However, it is interesting that when people argue with an Adventist on the issue, they will say "it doesn't make any difference what day you keep". If that is the case, why did the Catholic church promote this Sunday law?

The truth is, Sunday is sacred to you guys and the idea that another day can take the place of Sunday simply isn't true. If it were true, then the Roman Catholic Church would never have promoted this law.

Jemdude said...

I just want to let you know that there is a Facebook group called Adventists For Life. It is composed of Seventh Day Adventists who want the church to change their official stance to a truly pro-life one. We hope to have our own website someday.