Friday, August 15, 2008


Hello everyone,

To debut our new book, It's Okay NOT to be a Seventh-day Adventist," we have scanned some of the news clippings from the 19th century (except the last one) we used as part of our research for the book.

Please scroll down the page to see the scans. Please keep in mind they are all copyright protected by the Library of Congress. Also, when you see the dates, keep in mind that the Millerites broke up after the Great Disappointment of October 22, 1844. Some of them formed other groups that continued to set dates and again were disappointed. The Jehovah's Witnesses came from one of those groups.

For more information and more stories of the Millerite Movement please purchase the book at

In Christ,
Teresa Beem


longtimesda said...

I am surprised that someone else has found the information that I found in the Library of Congress! Most SDA's have the attitude of "don't ask don't tell" about the history of the church and what they really beleive in. I mean when you ask most SDA's they change from one church to another. They all claim that they are "mainstream". They are mainstream until you ask them more than a few questions. Then out comes the Ellen White. They have a very hard time "reasoning together" like the bible says to do with anyone that does not think the way they do. I think the really need to be prayed for. They have a very thick smoke screen that they have in front of their eyes and we need to ask the Lord to remove. Studying the history of the church is very revealing.

Teresa Beem said...

Thanks for the comments.

God did so much for us, more than we can comprehend. So when I see a church denomination continuing to teach untruths, I cannot stand idly by without challenging it. I really do not believe any SDA is deliberately being deceptive in teaching Sabbath as a last day test, or the Investigative Judgement, but they need to be educated. Remember it is NOT OKAY to teach lies. Satan is the father of lies....
Teresa Beem

Anonymous said...


I love the cover! The artwork is great, and the idea of sewing the veil torn from top to bottom is brilliant! Those who remember that this was torn by God when Jesus died, to remove the veil of separation between God and man, will find the symbolism profound! How can man repair what God has torn? Magnificent!

Former SDA in South Florida

Teresa Beem said...

Thank you so much! So far we have been receiving enormous amounts of positive feeback on the book. God is blessing and we thank HIM so much.


antares350 said...

Hi Theresa !

My name is Stephane. I come from Quebec, Canada. I speak french. Recently, on the ewtn, I listened your testimony with interest. God is awesome ! I believed that I was alone to come back at the catholic church. I'm a former adventist too !!!

I was adventist during 20 years. I worked in this church as sabbath's school monitor, Director and predicator until 2005.

In this date, the reading of the Epistle Galatians without the
EGW's interpretation opened my eyes. In this year, i studied with careful the theology adventist. After that, I undertook to study all the new testament as I had done for Galates. It was incredible.

I sought a church which had the same revelation that God gave to me. I found the Calvery Church. However, I continue my research and I looked the apostolic father and I read them. Wow !

Like Adventist, these men are considered Heretic by the adventist because their lesson is at the base of Catholicism. These peoples have the same revelation that I had discovered. Then, I bought the Cat├ęchism and I read it. All was there !

You and me have almost the same way ! Today I work on the web site in matter apologetic. I defend the doctrine catholic against adventist theology and particularly help the members of this church to see the truth about Jesus. (I work there Theresa. This site is french.)

Friendly Steph

Teresa Beem said...

Bon jour Stephane!

Ah! C'est manifique! Votre Anglais est excellente! Ma Francais is tre peau and je n'ecrite pas beaucoup, pardon!

As I have told several people--after reading church history for the first three hundred years, you will either be Catholic or atheist.

Hey, would you be interested in translating our book into Francais?

antares350 said...

Hi Therasa !

You speak and write a little bit in french lolol ! This is a good beginning ! For the translation of your book, I would be happy to do it for help some poeple french here...

You know, You have right about many people. If you read the apostolic fathers, you become either, catholic or atheist...

When you became Protestant, it said to you that the catholic church is the Beast and his cult is the false cult. However, when you studied the history, the truth history of the church and the reform, you understand that all that is an illusion. And the Babylon (lolol) is the protestantism...

For the first time of my life, when I looked for the apostolic father like Saint Ignace, Clement de Rome etc. and that I read them, my faith rest on something of solid. I knew that is the truth and this truth was transmitted from generation to generation.

Thank Theresa...

I would be happy to translate your book for the french country...

Friendly Steph

Teresa Beem said...

Stephane!! OUI, votre tres vrai (true?)! Les Peres ancientes--Pere Clement et Pere Ingatius.... (sorry to butcher your language, mais j'adore Fracaise!)

How much would you charge (how much money would you want?) to translate the book?

Email me at

Merci beaucoup pour les dites gentile (kind words.)


Anonymous said...

Every religion on this planet has its flaws. When man is involved, things will get messed up. That's why it's important for us to know our Bibles and seek answers from the good book daily.

Miller was wrong (obviously). There's a passage in the Bible that states that no man knows the hour of the day of God's return. Why were so many so easily duped? I just don't get it.

With that said, just because a religion had a shaky beginning doesn't mean the religion is flawed. I could find fanatics in every religion, so should I use that to doom all its members? What gives me the right to judge? Similarly, what gives you the right to do the same with your book? Freedom of speech? Gimme a break.

As a practicing Seventh-day Adventist, there are many things I love about my religion and a few things I don't like (eg. emphasis on Ellen G. White, this remnant church stuff, our beginnings rooted in Millerism, our constant need to place Catholicism as the beast).

I should get your book so I can read what other "facts" you're using to justify why being a Seventh-Day Adventist is not okay. But I wouldn't want to waste my money despite my curiosity.

The problem with publishing a book that criticizes someone's religion, race, political leanings or some other belief is that you invite conflict, debate and dissenting voices. I'm surprised to see that with a book like yours that there aren't many dissenting viewpoints posted. Either your book is lousy or you're deleting any comment that doesn't align with your own.

Teresa Beem said...


The book is help those who are leaving Adventism transition out into mainstream Christianity. If you love the Lord and are spiritually fulfilled in your denomination and feel God would be displeased by your leaving, then the book certainly isn't for you.

God bless you,