Monday, August 11, 2008


Well, after a long wait (I believe about five years) my husband and I have finally gotten our book completed and published. If there is anyone out there who would benefit from knowing about what Seventh-day Adventists believe or their fascinating history, send them here or to to check out our book.

It was written for not only former Adventists who feel they were hurt by Adventist doctrines or even other Adventists, but for those who have Adventist friends, family, neighbors or colleagues and would like to understand them better.

Blessing on you all,
Teresa Beem


Reverend Patterson said...

You people can say what you want, but the Adventist church will rejoice when you repent, and rejoin the fold:

Teresa Beem said...

Hello Reverend Patterson,

I would love you to read the book and then hear any criticisms you have. I love the Lord with all my heart and will always follow His truth.

God bless,
Teresa Beem

Anonymous said...

This is really very good. I had to put it down for a day or two because it was getting me all worked up and furious again. But your
research is very impressive. You digested a lot of information
rapidly. I'm also impressed with your personal interviews.

(posted with permission of Jim Hopps)

Teresa Beem said...

Thanks Jim.

Arthur and I never intended on writing a book, but when we accidentally discovered so much information that had not been published, we knew we had to do it. The book took several years of very intense research. We pray that everyone who reads it is blessed and brought in contact with Christ.


justinsteele said...

Beems - I too am a convert from Seventh-day Adventism to the "original Church" - the Catholic Church.

I wonder if you would be willing to read my manuscript to be published with Marcus Grodi's CHResources hopefully this fall.

I was led into the Church via answered prayers, and then began the intellectual investigation and comparision. Thus I have titled the book Praying Made Me Catholic: With the Biblical & Historical Reasons I Must Remain Catholic.

Feel free to contact me with proper means of getting you the manuscript.