Saturday, May 12, 2018

Adventists Do Not Keep All Ten Commandments

While this video is old, it is important for Adventists to see. You cannot say you are a church that keeps all Ten Commandments when you are a pro-choice church whose hospitals do abortions on demand.


Icyspark said...

You realize that just because there is a contingent within the Adventist church that has no problem with abortion that there is likewise a contingent within Catholicism that also embraces a "pro choice" position? Does that fact mitigate against the position that the Adventist church teaches all ten commandments and not just nine?

Icyspark said...

Just wondering if you're wanting comments on this post?

Teresa Beem said...

In each church there are those who keep the doctrines and those who don't and those who oppose the doctrines. The difference here is that pro-life Adventists ARE NOT in keeping with the doctrine of their church. The SDA church is pro-choice and its SDA hospitals who go by the SDA guidelines can perform some abortions on demand. It is PRO-LIFE Adventists who are going against the church.

In Catholicism, the church has been pro-life for all of its 2000 years. Pro-choice Catholics are going against the church.

If abortion is murder, then wouldn't a church that claims to be Christian stand against it?

Adventists break the commandment of "thou shalt not murder" that places it in the exact some spot they claim all other churches are in--they keep only nine of the ten. Therefore, by the SDA definition, they cannot be the remnant of Revelation 14. T

M said...

Icyspark, I do not think Mrs. Beem wants comments that disagree with her. She has admonished me before for coming on her page with opposing views. Mrs. Beem, you always seem to find a way to excuse the Catholics, who were not pro-life during the 2000 years of which you speak...when they were murdering people during the Crusades or when they tortured and murdered those who spoke out against them calling them heretics or when native peoples would not convert...shall I go on? Yes, you always excuse the Catholics, but you go after Adventists like Lea Rimini on a Scientology cruise. <---Sarcasm.

Teresa Beem said...

I post almost all comments, unless they are spam or have incoherent messages. I think there have been maybe ten in the history of the blog. I don't mean the incoherent in the fact that I disagree with them, I mean they seem like they are written by someone who doesn't speak English and have absolutely nothing to do with this blog. Jesus said we should reason together. That is something I encourage. We NEED to understand each other better. This is one of the purposes of this blog. Unity can only occur after we understand each other and listen to each other's heart.

The Catholic Church has always opposed killing unborn children. Please read the Didache. Please read history. Even when priests and bishops were deciding when life begins (be it at conception or at quickening) they firmly held that it didn't really matter when it came to abortion because abortion was forbidden at any stage after conception. Often scholars look at St. Augustine's (4th century) writings and believe because he wrote that it is possible the soul does not enter the body until quickening, that he was opening it up for abortion--this is patently absurd.

As far as torturing and murdering, the Protestants (numerically) have killed more Catholics than Catholics have Protestants. This is fact, but Protestants would rather point back centuries to find a bad guy they can hate, rather than study up on it. Numerous times, the Catholics has made statement after statement of repentance for anything the church hierarchy or the lay people have done evil during these times you brought up. They have throughly gone through the Mea Culpa repentance phase and yet Protestants would rather NOT forgive them (as Jesus asked us to do) because they they loose their bad guy.

I love being Catholic and I loved being Adventist. I never go after anyone, ever. We are called to love even our enemies. People are not the problem, sin is. We are told in God-breathed scripture that our enemies are NOT humans but demons. So when I discuss theology I am going after LIES by the Devil, not to hurt humans but to help them.

Sin is our enemy, M, sin. And I will fight that with all the strength I have because that is what hurts precious souls that were meant for heaven. Sin makes us hate God. Love is found through searching for God with all our hearts and minds and souls. That is why we discuss here, to find truth--to find God. I found Him abundantly, shockingly, astonishingly in the Catholic Church-- NOT the Catholic people (although they are like any community of faith--the good and bad--and there are many, many wonderful Catholics!) I don't look at people, I look at doctrines and at truth and at scripture. The Catholics have it right. The Adventists have it wrong. I have no emotion at all in stating that. It is what it is. Some people REALLY REALLY want to know the truth as I did.

Blessings M! Know that I love you in Christ and are praying for you. Let us dialogue with kindness knowing we wish only good for each other.


G Martin said...

Thank you for giving a voice to the voiceless. Our country needs to stop killing it's young. This is the root of many of our societal problems.
May God Bless us all with understanding and Love,

M said...

Catholics are not my enemies. My whole family on my dad's side are Catholic. I grew up in SE Louisiana in a Catholic parish, in a Catholic state. But I am not blind to the history of the Catholic church. I do not blame current members for the past, just as you should not blame all members for one faction of Adventism. There are pro-choice factions in every denomination. Abortion is not one of the 29 Fundamental Beliefs of the SDA, and you write as if it is.

Arthur and Teresa Beem said...

Adventist hospitals/clinics in the official Adventist Healthcare system do abortions on demand. The church's official guidelines are pro-choice.

G Martin said...

M - The difference is the doctrine. The new testament tells us to look at the teachings, i.e. doctrine. The members of all churches have many opinions, just as Judas did. We do not judge a church by it's members, but by it's doctrines. The Adventist guidelines, where they voice their abortion stance, is part of their teachings. Their teaching on abortion is PRO-CHOICE. Go and read it. The church and the hospitals are intertwined, so therefor the blood of these babies is on every Adventist church because they accept support from the General Conference through many avenues, i.e. study materials, building repairs and outreach missions.

Anonymous said...

SDA church fundamentally believes and supports abortion (1970-1971).

Why do Adventists' say that the Catholic church executed the saint's?

M said...

"Abortions on demand"---Ridiculous hyper-exaggeration. I 2018, this year, at the Adventist Bioethics Conference, Dr. Ted Hamilton, Senior Vice President for Mission and Ministry for the Adventist Health System, stated that that "abortions on demand are never performed, but, following moral guidelines developed by Adventist ethicists and adopted by the world church, abortions are provided for serious threats to the mother’s life, for congenital birth defects that would result in an early death or severe disorders, and instances of rape or incest."

“The reasons we are doing this,” noted Hamilton, “are for a balance of justice and mercy.” These are issues of layered complexity, he said, and “At the end of the day it is up to the mother, perhaps in consultation with her doctor, maybe her pastor, perhaps the chaplain.”

He went on to explain they are transparent. Pro-choice does not mean anti-life. I wish all of the extremists would stop using hyperbolic language such as "abortion on demand."

Teresa Beem said...

Please look up Advent Life (Nic Samojik). Dr. Hamilton obviously isn't aware of the fact that the church's official position is pro-choice and that some SDA hospitals do abortions on demand.