Monday, April 3, 2017

Church Hunting (JohnCristVideos)

This IS SO true! Exactly what I hear from so many Christians today and actually... for the first decade of 2000, this WAS US except for we were doing theological church shopping-- grilling the denomination to see if their perception and interpretation of the Bible matched ours! And believe me, it takes a little longer--in fact, in several cases a few years of checking it out---and interviewing pastors (we really did that!!). So funny!

It would be boring to list all the churches we were checking out during our personal church hunt.... from the most charismatic Pentecostal to the most dry Presbyterian an everything in between--the liberal Baptists the conservative Baptists the wacko Baptists.... Lutherans, Church of God, Disciples of Christ, Methodist.... really. And I was open to any type of service from dancing in the aisles to silent snoring in the hard pews. What we were looking for was correct theology. Wow we were just like these guys in the video with the exception we were looking for truth according to OUR personal interpretation of scripture:

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