Tuesday, May 10, 2016


North Carolina is being forced to sue the federal government to keep biological males from pretending they are females and using a woman's bathroom. This is a huge deal because not only is this going to affect North Carolina's government restrooms but pressure is mounting for all facilities--public and private--to bend to political correctness. Then these "anti-discrimination" laws will spread across the country. 

We are already seeing boycotts by businesses and entertainers threatening states that do not fall in line with their thinking.

Why is this such a big deal?

Because someone wants to pretend they are not what they are (which no one cares about) and force everyone else to behave as if that someone is what they are not.

This is about forcing someone to deny reality. Everyone must believe a man is a woman (even when in reality he is not). 

This mad push towards transgender bathrooms for a tiny fraction of the population has nothing to do with protecting minorities. Facts are that transgenders already use bathrooms of their self-identity without incident. They didn't need any legal protection.

In fact, making it legal or illegal for transgenders to use any bathrooms is logistically unenforceable. There is no criteria to judge if a man is a pervert who just wants to enter a woman's bathroom or if he truly believes himself to be a woman. We cannot set up bathroom police at every bathroom to quiz us about how we self-identify (or check) our genitalia at bathroom doors either to keep out or let someone in. 

All a bathroom police can do is verify reality--which is not what transgenders want. 

So, if this isn't really about human rights, what is the end game? 

Mind control.

Do not mistake this: If the transgender bathroom lawsuit ends up in the Supreme Court and the court make it legal for transgenders to go to any bathroom of their choice, nothing will change.

The sun will come up,
Americans will rise and go to work, there will still be traffic and birthdays. And the progressives will smile condescendingly at the conservatives: 

"Whew! Gay marriage passed and the sky didn't fall. Whew! Transgenderism became the new normal and the world didn't end. See, nothing happened! You were so upset over nothing!" 
Then, the left will point out that a state fighting such an insignificant law and suffering enormous federal penalties and business boycotts was a tragic waste of taxpayer dollars and a ridiculous fight. They will trot out the latest polls claiming the citizens were really for transgender bathrooms in the first place.

Again, the progressives will pull out the slogan "love wins" tempting those who have huge hearts and little wisdom to believe it.

And indeed, our children will see nothing change and believe the progressives were right. Except, looks will deceive. It it won't be fine. 


Our entertainment-saturated culture is always awaiting the big, Hollywood-styled moment awakens us to the danger. There has been no battle-cry, no thunder or earthquake, nonetheless, the US has forever fundamentally shifted. The apocalypse of the human mind has occurred. And historically, these worldview shifts are more effective in changing the future than millions of lives given in civil or world wars. 

Totalitarianism has come into America not with soldiers and guns, but with a benevolent and warm-hearted smiles that will enforce their agenda with an iron-fisted, dictatorial vengeance. If we take a look at reality, people are already beginning to fear speaking and fear thinking anything outside of progressive morals. Even if the information one is fearing is true.

There is a soft terrorism enveloping our land silencing expressions of reality. Reality has become the new sin.

Under this new totalitarian regime, you are considered a bad person to be in any way connected to history and scientific facts and empirical data.   

Your children will be reeducated into this new, acceptable worldview. 

Americans believe they are being nice by "hushing" those who disagree with their morality and their view of human rights. And soon, this new "nice" terrifying America will be one where it is no longer legally acceptable to speak or even know... 

... what is real.


Marcos Torres said...

Wow Teresa! Such a well worded piece. I couldn't agree more. Have you seen the following video? Its quite shocking how bad things are getting.


Its a guy who goes around a uni campus asking students questions about identity. their answers are like, woah...

Teresa Beem said...

MARCOS!!! How are you? Leave me a message and I won't publish it one how you are and your wife and children! I am so happy to hear from you. I will watch the video. Things are looking pretty crazy in this world aren't they? How is your ministry?

Marcos Torres said...

We are doing awesome Teresa! Ministry is just overwhelmingly cool :D haha. How are you doing? I hope things are going super for you guys :D

Teresa Beem said...

So great to hear that! We are doing well too!