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Imagine for a moment, AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas filled with newborn babies. 

Each seat, all 80,000 of them, holding crying little innocent newborns. 

And then imagine ISIS coming into that stadium with a scalpel and slaughtering them all one by one. 

And then, imagine that same stadium filling with 80,000 babies a second time. 

But this time you realize it is not ISIS at all... but an American, a nice, sweet looking older gentleman with a little cadre of nurse assistants smiling and laughing as they begin murdering another set of newborns. 

Yes, I know this is too horrible to continue, but please, it is almost over...

Once more, imagine that same stadium being filled to capacity a third time. 

But this time, to your horror, you realize that the sweet-looking grandpa is an Adventist doctor who graduated from La Sierra University and Loma Linda Medical School and he systematically massacres all the babies in the stadium. 

Three times. Three times--the entire stadium.

And the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists knew about it and did not corporately raise a word against it. 

Then when the man is interviewed by the media, he brags about what he has done. 

But that is not all. After retiring from his decades of butchery, his alma mater, La Sierra University, dedicates a building to this doctor in honor of his entrepreneurial accomplishments. 

Hardly a peep of protest is heard from the hierarchy of the church.  

No, Seventh-day Adventists, this is not the bitter raving hatred of a former Adventist trying to slander the church or Adventists. This is a fellow Christian crying out from the depths of her heart, 

While he may not be the dreaded antichrist pope,  the man in our nightmare scenario is real. If you have not yet heard, let me introduce you to the baby butcher, Dr. Edward C. Allred.

This man has boasted how he has revolutionized the industry to make abortions more efficient. He bragged to a newspaper in 1980 that he has personally slaughtered almost a quarter of a million unborn babies. Who knows what the number was when he retired. And he sold his abortion clinics to another SDA, Bud Feldkamp.

Irving "Bud" Feldkamp 

I beg you Adventists, let the following paragraph reported by Advindicate, a Seventh-day Adventist website, sink in:
In 1980, Allred claimed to have personally aborted a quarter of a million fetuses in the preceding 12 years. It may seem difficult to believe that one man could perform so many abortions, but Allred tried to spend no more than five minutes with each pregnant woman. “We've been pioneers in so many ways,” he once told a reporter. “We streamlined, we made efficiencies, we employed the suction technique better than anyone, and we eliminated needless patient-physician contact. We usually see the patient for the first time on the operating table and then not again.” Spending only five minutes per patient would have allowed Allred to perform as many as 100 abortions in a 10-12 hour working day, and 200 working days per year (50 four-day work weeks) would, over 12 years, add up to 240,000 aborted fetuses. So Allred's estimate of the number of abortions he performed during that time is credible.

Pro-life Adventists have been crying out about this for years and have received either silence or even harsh treatment from the General Conference. Many Adventists consider themselves the victims of a smear campaign for harboring, protecting and even honoring these people. This family is known to be a nice family and active members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  

Our response is:
Then wouldn't you want them to repent and live? Wouldn't it be awful if these "nice" people went to hell? And how nice could any man be who would take advantage of women in crisis pregnancies? What would have been nice is for him to have helped them save their children rather than kill them. God may have blessed him beyond his wildest financial dreams if he had taken his money and helped these women and their children rather than grow rich off their corpses.

And I bet a lot of those little innocent souls he murdered would have been kind and loving people too. I wonder how many of them were Seventh-day Adventist children. They might have grown up to be SDA doctors or nurses or teachers or pastors.

Dear Seventh-day Adventists,

No one is asking you to leave your church. No one is calling your church the Whore of Babylon, no one is sending flyers out and organizing yearly Revelation seminars to slander your church. NO! we are asking you to raise your voice for the unborn.
The blood soaking US soil is crying out for justice. And it is Adventists who have the blood on their hands. You don't think you will be responsible for what one rogue SDA did?

Deliver them that are carried away unto death, and those that are ready to be slain see that thou hold back.  If thou sayest, Behold, we knew not this: doth not he that weigheth the hearts consider it? and he that keepeth thy soul, doth not he know it? and shall not he render to every man according to his work? Prov. 24: 11, 12

Adventists don't like to hear this! Of course not. None of us like to hear about the sins of our country, our church, our families or ourselves. 

But pointing the finger at other churches' sins does not remove the stain from yours. It takes supernatural courage and grace to stand up to your emotions that want to strike out against hearing this. I am reminded of St. Paul's letter to the church in Corinth. 

For even if I made you sorry with my letter, I do not regret it... Now I rejoice, not because you were grieved, but because your grief led to repentance; for you felt a godly grief, so that you were not harmed in any way by us. For godly grief produces a repentance that leads to salvation and brings no regret...

Dear Seventh-day Adventist, 

I pray that you will stand up and let your voice be heard crying out to the heavens for fear of your church offending God. Do you not see that abortion is a direct arrow into the heart of God? 
It is no different than sacrificing our children to Molech or Ba'al. Yet we are even worse because we sacrifice our children to convenience.

It is our ultimate rejection of Him when we destroy the greatest gift He has given us, and that is the creative power to be like Him. Just as He made us in His own image and likeness, so He passes down to us that gift of creating children in our own likeness. We pro-create little souls that can enter eternity with us.

Dear Seventh-day Adventist, 

Join your sisters and brothers in Christ in other churches who have already been praying for these men. All over the world, in millions of Catholic masses each day, Catholics are praying for abortionists such SDA Dr. Edward Allred and his accomplice Bud Feldcamp. We Catholics are praying for them, will not the SDA church raise its voice with us?

I lift up to you all abortionists and their staff, including: all technicians, nurses, receptionists, counselors, chaplains, and all who are employed or voluntarily assisting with the killing of the unborn in any way. I place each one of them in the innermost recesses of Your Sacred Heart -- Your heart of mercy, compassion and love for all Your children.

I pray that they will accept the supernatural graces that You give them this day to rennounce the: the horrific killing of Your children, the psychological, physical, and spiritual harm that they are doing to women through their actions, and the tremendous spiritual, physical, and psychological harm they are doing to themselves.

Give them an abundance of courage and strength to say "No" to murder and to escape the culture of death and the constant torment and resentment that they experience in their lives.
As they approach You, encourage them to draw nearer, remove the veil that covers their eyes and blinds them to the truth. Pour out Your tender, loving mercy upon them that they will see the truth, the reality, and the consequences of their actions. Draw them into the light of your love and penetrate their souls with the light of truth, the light of Your knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

I pray this in the Holy name of Jesus. For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on them, and on all the whole world!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Arthur and Teresa, for taking a stand on abortion. Thank you for loving and praying for Adventists, even after your departure to the "other" church. I know it must be discouraging at times, but like Elijah, just keep bringing that message to Ahab. If I found my way out and found my way here, then there are certainly others.