Monday, August 11, 2014

From Adventists Rescue Mission

I am told by Adventists that most Adventists do not believe that in the last days they will be hunted down and persecuted. However, Ellen White does teach this. It is part of SDA doctrines based on the authority of Ellen White's prophetic vision of the Great Controversy. 

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Killing Adventists


Marcos Torres said...

Really? Thats odd. Maybe they follow a more liberal tradition which often ignores echatological issues. In conservative Adventism they obssess over these things. In liberal Adventism they ignore these things. The mainstream centrist Adventists (of which I identify with most) affirm an eschatological persecution but we dont believe that Adventists alone will be persecuted (the ultra conservative position). It is the remnant that will be persecuted and the remnant will be made up of everyone who is trully a child of God and doesnt necessarily mean that they will be members of the SDA church. The position advocated in that article is certainly true of how many Adventists were raised but it doesnt reflect the full picture of our eschatological understanding. It only reflects the ultra conservative culture that its author was sadly raised in. The full picture is balanced and sensible.

Teresa Beem said...

I have SDAs argue with me continually about this. I am mocked and ridiculed when I say that Adventists teaching is that one day their will be a Sunday law and they will be persecuted for their sabbath keeping. Ellen White is the SDA prophetess and her writings are authoritative--that is one of the SDA fundamentals. And her Great Controversy vision predicts this. So I posted this to be able to link to it the next time I am laughter at and told, "That is RIDICULOUS, no SDA believes that any more."

I hate to argue with Adventists. I don't pick these fights. They come to me and throw this out. I just want peace within the Body of Christ. I want us to love each other, so that the world will know we are Christians. Anyway.... tired of always being put on the defensive. Glad YOU and I are friends. It gives me great hope.