Thursday, May 30, 2013

Be Careful What You Adjust To

Humans have this uncanny ability to adjust to life’s changes whether it is tragedy or good fortune. We quickly make this situation our new normal. We need to aware of how we, personally, adapt to these new situations.

This is not only true in our personal life, but our cultural life too.

Think about it. How quickly do you normalize in a move to a new city? That church or restaurant or park quickly feels comfortable after a couple times going. We start watching something on television that seems a little racy and after a while we tell ourselves it doesn’t really affect us and then we watch it week after week and we get used to its vulgarity.

Optimists are the worst or best at normalizing during bad situations. We call it: bouncing back. But sometimes that means they adjust to things that they shouldn’t be adjusting to.

We normalize. It’s what humans do. Be aware of what you are normalizing to. 

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