Thursday, January 3, 2013

How the Computer Geeks Will Rule the World

[Warning: This post was written with a light and humorous tone... Sorry to you who took it too seriously and claimed it was another conspiracy theory...]

It is rightly said by Saul Alinsky in Rules for Radicals, "He who controls the language controls the masses."

So now a little cadre of Computer Geeks are going to rule the world.

My sons have this artificial intelligence app on their iPhones called Siri in which you speak to the computer (like in Star Trek and 2001: Space Odyssey) and the computer on your phone basically answers you. They'll ask it something like, "Where's my sister?" And it will reply, "Your sister Susan is at her office." Or, "How far is it to the moon?" and the computer will either display the answer or say it.

Ominous. Really.

Let's just say the next generation of children are raised in a "Siri" environment where all they have to do is speak to the computer and it answers. They will have to learn the language of the computer in order to interact with it. If the computer geeks want the word "research" to be used when asking the computer to look up a congressman's votes, then research it will be... not the phrase "look up" or "find out."

Yes, there will probably be a Siri program that allows for personal expressions to be used, but when dealing with the worldwide internet and public Siri programs, they will be forced to use the universal computer language. And there goes our world.


Because a public Siri language would have to be politically correct. Siri will not offend anyone. So Siri will use gender-inclusive language... eventually it will no longer allow familial language, moral language, religious language. There will be no censorship or language police, for no one will even realize that the language is being censored. Kids will grow up with computer language programmed into their hard drives without a memory of the days before tweets.

So, without our even realizing it, our kids will grow up in a world using computer language in order to interact with worldwide technology. And they, the programers, will dictate the language. And if they want your kids to be socialists, words favoring socialism will be used. If they want your kids to be atheists, positive words will be used for atheism and negative for anything about God.  I bet "sin" won't be included in the language unless it is referring to the acronym, "Social Insurance Number."

It's over people..... pray....

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