Monday, September 24, 2012

The Two Kingdoms

Welcome to the Eternal Realtor Consultants.

Everyone knows that this life is going to end and where do YOU want to spend eternity?

We are experts in getting you the prime real estate you so desire and deserve. You put in an ENTIRE life of work, work, work and now comes the pay off. When your time on earth is done, don't stay 'boxed in" (just a little insider joke.) Our motto is, "think outside box!"

Were you promised happiness on earth? Freedom? A kingdom of your own where you can rule your own castle? Yes? Did you get it?.... We didn't think so!

So now we are here to give you some eternal choices. Nobody has any power to make that choice but YOU! Our salespeople are trained to give you the best choices without any pressure or deception. We give you the facts and YOU choose which prime real estate will be your kingdom forever and ever and ever and ever AND BEYOND!

Let's get started:

After this life, you will indeed get to be lord. And there are two choices for your eternal real estate. You have the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of hell. Both kingdoms for sure, but very different. But have no fear, both YOU and only YOU will freely choose and we promise you will rule your kingdom.

Let's take a look at the first and most popular of the post-mortem real estate. This is for the rugged individualist, the self-sufficient and enlightenment thinker. If equality and autonomy are your highest values, you will LOVE this place. And there is an unlimited space, so you never have to worry about this choice being taken from you.

Freedom Palace:
All the acreage is utterly equal, so your kingdom will in no way be inferior to your neighbors. Indeed, your kingdom is SO isolated that you will never even SEE your neighbor or his property. In this, your kingdom, you make the rules and you are responsible for no one--including yourself! There is nothing ever expected of you and you are utterly free to pursue your own personal dream without the slightest interference. To assure your own protection (as well as others who also choose Freedom Palace) and to guarantee each are given independent, equal and absolute power over their kingdom, we make certain that you are king over NO ONE but yourself. No messy situations with other humans or lifeforms and their needs and desires. Your kingdom is your own and no one can come in and touch it and ruin it.

So then, you ask, what exactly am I ruling if there is only me? Have no fear! You will be provided with stuff you spent so much time on earth wanting that you didn't get. On earth, were you proud to be a "material girl" or a mall crawler? If your bumper sticker read, "Who ever has the most toys wins"? Well.... in Freedom Palace--you win!!  This will be your heaven in.... well, for full disclosure we are obligated to let you know it was originally, technically, called "hades" but we prefer the term our the kings have given it.

You will have unlimited money to purchase anything from Amazon.nogov in which all you have to do is want it and it is yours: boats, any non-organic toy, techno gadget that you can dream up. Let's put it this way... you will spend an eternity gorging your self on inanimate stuff! It is consumers paradise always and forever consuming, consuming without end!

It is guaranteed that throughout all eternity your kingdom will stay exactly as you wish it with no one else to answer to or be responsible for.

Sound like heaven to you? Then choose the popular Freedom Palace.

Our second choice, not quite as popular, but just as loved--perhaps even more loved is the Church Victorious.

Church Victorious
This bustling kingdom, although full of kings, is also hierarchal. There is a Supreme Ruler who requires all here to live as loving lords and live in strict, in fact perfect, submission to His will.
And as lord of your new, everlasting kingdom, you will have many under you who you are responsible for. You will have duties of love and charity as YES will always be the answer to the question of "Am I my brother's keeper?" The motto here is, "the first shall be last and the last shall be first." It is an eternity of charity. You will not be restricted to your own kingdom, but will be able to interact with all areas except Freedom Palace.

This kingdom is about giving more than that which you receive and your reward will be seeing the Supreme Being face to face and absorbing Him into you so that you will spend forever becoming more and more like Him. You will find peace and relaxation in a communal atmosphere in which you can take those people skills you have learned and love for all eternity. It is a givers paradise, as you will create and produce forever expending the light and grace you were given from God.

So there are your choices? In both kingdoms you will be an eternal lord. In both you will get your way, in both utter freedom. Sounds good right? Your only choice is whether you want a kingdom of consuming or a kingdom of giving.

While we don't want to pressure you as Eternal Realtor Consultants we cannot, but we must warn you that while your ultimate decision is absolutely your free choice, the kingdom you choose to live in while on earth today will absolutely influence you. Learn to love the kingdom you will ultimately choose now, so you can be preparing yourself to enjoy eternity.

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