Monday, July 16, 2012

Our Conversion Story

We get a lot of people wondering why we became Catholic. Here's just a little video to give you a glimpse. Hey, there's lots of mistakes... we know... that's why the stars get the big bucks and we do something else!! (smile!) I meant "Tiber" not "Tigris!"


tubetom12 said...

I read your path of "Obedience" writings and eventually came to this video. I am glad for you to have finally came to settle on a church. I personally have no ill will to the Catholic church. Now that you have chosen the Catholic church, you appear to hold them as the only "scriptural" church. Reading your quest of the right church, it appears you were seeking a place that would agree to your beliefs (interpretations) in most instances. If that is the case, then you have become your own church as much as you claim all the mish mash of protestant churches you said could not agree on one theology to God. I wish you well in your new church, but remember, the protestant belief and churches do not just "spring up" with their own doctrines for nothing. You have to remember there was a big bad Catholic church that caused this. Read your history. My best wishes to you both in your quest for body of believers.

Teresa Beem said...

Hi Tube Tom 12;

Thanks for commenting. I had no wish to, nor want to become Catholic. They in no way agreed with my interpretation of scripture. It took a lot of years of studying church history and scriptures to finally, humbly admit the Catholic Church was the one started by Christ. Yes, it is big, and yes it has been bad, but it has also been very, very good too. And the Catholic church stands or falls on one question alone. Is she the church Christ started. If the claim is true, we are obligated to be a part of her. If the claim is false, we should not be a part of her. It really comes down to that.