Thursday, June 21, 2012

John MacArthur on the Sabbath

I think that Dr. MacArthur does a good job of Sabbath theology 101 for Christians.....


Anonymous said...

Just because it is tradition is no reason to think that Sunday is the right day to worship. God is clear that Saturday is the day he wants us to rest and worship with him. The seventh day of the week and not the first day of the week!

Teresa Beem said...

Did you listen to McArthur? There is a plethora of Biblical support for worshipping on Sunday. And let's be clear.... there is nothing Biblical about a "day of worship." That idea is a man-made tradition. The sabbath wasn't Israel's day of worship, for they worshipped daily in the Temple. Temple worship occurred round the clock.

Israel was commanded to rest once a week. They had a day of rest, not a day of worship. Worship should occur daily! Sunday is a wonderful day for corporate worship! And that's what Christians do.