Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Does the Sabbath Continue in the New Covenant?

This is a presentation at the FAF Weekend by Pastor Dale Ratzlaff:

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Ken said...

Yes, it does, and the New Covenant, as well as the first, are between God and Israel. Israel's remnant will accept their Messiah (1 John), they will keep God's commandments, written in their hearts, and they will be the light of the world, because the ecclesia (Christ's body) will have been raptured. Everyone will then hear the 3 angels' messages and will either join Israel (and keep Sabbath), or they will accept the mark of the beast. And the overcomers will rule over the nations on earth after Christ returns to earth. Rev 2. Those are my understandings, anyway. I was SDA more than 15 years. God bless!