Wednesday, September 21, 2011


A         RC  H     Y             RULES!!


And what I mean by that is that I am a devoted Roman Catholic who promised faithful submission to God’s appointed leaders the pope and Catholic tradition and their authoritative interpretation of the infallible written Word of God.

Hey, this is America and I have a right to believe anything I want and call myself anything I want. Being a Total Anarchist words have no other meaning than what I personally recognize. And being a Total Anarchist, words should never have a consistent meaning because that would be too structured, so tomorrow I’ll probably define Total Anarchist as a Fundamentalist Baptist who is faithful to the pope.

Being a Total Anarchist, I don’t care if this makes any sense to anyone else but me. Indeed that is a fundamental principle of anarchy. Chaos. Duh mooooor kayyyoss zee butter. Shoot, that was way too clear, let me try again--”me no love chaos, you Jane.”

Huh? you react? Yep, then I’ve done my duty.

Okay, here’s my point:

In today’s culture we all consider it our right to self-label no matter how far from the traditional meaning a label is. We create our own personalized dictionary and we don’t care whether it remotely resembles how society takes it.

“I am a Calvinist,” he casually tosses out. But really that person is meaning that he was baptized a three point, neo-Dutch Calvinist, but he neither attends church and knows more about Calvin Klein underwear than Calvin’s doctrine.

“I’m a Seventh-day Adventist” another person claims and then the hearer assumes that the speaker’s beliefs resemble something of the 28 Fundamentals and then puts a check mark in their brain such as, “do not ask this person to join me in a shrimp cocktail at the fashion show next Saturday.”

Yet, actually it is a Progressive Adventists who would love to join the hearer in a shrimp cocktail next Saturday at the fashion show.

Very confusing.

Words have lost their meaning. Faith, salvation, grace, born-again, law--all these terms have radically different meanings to different religious traditions. Communication is hard enough without creating an anarchy within our religious terms. And yet that is exactly what has happened.

Being a Catholic means that you submit your opinions, your interpretations and your rights to God’s appointed authorities in Rome. So why are so many Catholics out there claiming you can be pro-choice, pro-same-sex marriage when the church has always been clear on both points for its 2,000 year history? Being pro-life and pro life-long monogamous marriage between one man and one woman is a dogma that can never change no matter who is sitting on the pope’s seat. People who claim they are Catholic or SDA or any other religion but don’t agree with the basic tenets are creating their own mental church and labeling it anything they want.

It would be much simpler if we would all just call ourselves what we really are. If you are not in agreement with the 28 fundamental beliefs of the SDA church--say, perhaps you don’t believe Ellen White was a prophetess, why not just call yourself a sabbatarian or a levitical law sabbatarian. Why label yourself as SDA and confuse everyone?

You have a right to label yourself anything, but why not label yourself where others can know what you believe. Otherwise you’re technically an anarchist.


Douglas Becker said...

I'm a technologist.


I think that label opens up a Pandora's Box of questions.

Anonymous said...

Dear diary,
This week opens up another trial in my life. Once again the SDA churches in this area, 80 of them, are conducting 'Revelation Seminars'. The church my parent's attend will begin meeting's on Friday 30 September. So far the invitation's to go with them have begun. They even have stack's of flyer's in their car to hand out in public I guess? It has been at least ten year's since I was at one of these thing's and I'm not sure it was this type of seminar. It was called 'net 2000' or something like that. There was a screen in the church and a live broadcast of the senior pastor of the university church at Andrews spoke. (Nelson)
Anyhoo, wo is me! I'm tempted to go to a halloween store and get a priest costume and attend, just for kicks, haha.

Teresa Beem said...

Dear Former SDA,
This is your diary replying and wishing you the greatest condolences with your parent's involvement with the SDA Revelation Seminars. I know how that can put a strain on you. I know you will pray for them.

We'll get through this together,
Your Diary

Anonymous said...

Yes I will pray for my parent's tonight, merci.
Just so you know, I don't consider myslef 'former sda'. It is impossible for someone to be former of something they never believed in the first place.

Question: Will the seminar ever end?

Your thought's....

Teresa Beem said...

There seems to always be a SDA seminar going on somewhere!

Anonymous said...

It is still OK to be a Seventh Day Adventist. The fact is I am not a SDA. I am a Christian. A Christian that chooses to follow God's word both in spirit and in letter.

I grew up outside the church. I grew up Baptist. A satanic bible was handed to me a Dallas Baptist Academy.

I was told how to vote in my Senior "bible" class ... Republican. We were served a doughnuts and coco before Sunday school, but forced the homeless to hear a sermon before we would give them a bologna sandwich.

The fact is we live in the last days and darkness prevails. Are all Baptist "evil" , absolutely not. Was the truth distorted... absolutely.

My goal is living as close to God as I can. Using the Bible as my compass, touch stone, flashlight. Noah didn't change any of God's directions and the ARK floated. He also didn't take a lot of extra stuff with him .. just what God told him. (And the ark didn't sink).

And you are right... Some SDA add so much to God's plan... they sink. Many people "modify" Gods blueprints and their ark of faith does not float.

I pray you find a "HAPPY MEDIUM" no matter what day you worship. And I pray you look and see there is dirty laundry in almost every house.

My real fear is not that you are not SDA. However, when you begin to see failing Christian edducation, abuse, spiritual darkness where you are now you may loose heart.


You don't have to publish this. I just want you to look to HIM first.

Been in the church, been out of the church...

It's like a America. The government has it's issues. But there is still no other country I would want trade it for.

Teresa Beem said...

You say you are not a SDA. What faith organization do you belong to or what belief system do you think you are most aligned with?

I am not certain exactly what your comment relates to in this post. How does this relate to anarchy? You are most certainly free to post about anything you wish, but if you are connecting it to the post, I need to get a better understanding of how you are doing that....