Saturday, August 13, 2011


So, God has called you into the spiritual battle to rescue Adventists. You feel it in your bones. You know God placed you into an Adventist family so that one day you would be an effective warrior for Him in defeating the anti-biblical prophecies, the anti-gospel doctrines of the church you were raised in. You are all in for the Lord and excited to join the battle against the demonic spirits holding Adventists hostage.

God has called you to fight on a tough front. The conditions on other fronts--such as saving the whales, feeding the hungry, helping abused animals, standing up for those who are oppressed (see Bono)--these fronts are clearer. Those fighting there are seen as heroes from all sides. However, you cannot expect to be rewarded here on earth for theological battles.

This front is misty and dark. Those you are called to seek and rescue claim they are rich and are in need of nothing, for they are the remnant. They are oblivious to their wretchedness, misery, blindness and nakedness.

Like, at the bottom of Mt. Sinai when Moses called Israel to turn their swords on their own brothers; it is terrifying to be called to battle your beloved family and friends. But they are standing in enemy territory taking up for the anti-christ, so you are obligated to fight, not them but the doctrines.

It is horrifying to see the Devil convince your family that they must fight you in return. It is confusing to even the most experienced warrior of the Lord, when an entire church suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, cry out that those coming to their rescue are deceivers.

Better have a good battle plan!

Do not expect that other Christians will fully understand your struggle. Yes, the majority of Christians today understand that Adventists are hanging on the very periphery of Christianity, but they will often believe that all one really needs to do is open scriptures and Adventists will see their errors. They do not understand, as you do, the depth of the deception and veil over Adventists’ understanding. They do not realize that the Devil has sung sweet-sounding and insidious lullabies to Adventists leaving them in a spiritually disoriented stupor.

Always be clear of who your enemy is. This is a rescue mission God has sent you on. Adventist are not the targets to fight, they are the victims to release from their slavery.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Eph. 6: 12

So, time to put on the armor of God...

that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breast-plate of righteousness; And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Above all, taking the shield of faith, with which ye will be able to extinguish all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching for this purpose with all perseverance and supplication for all saints... (see 2 Cor. 6:7; Eph. 6: 7- 18)


Let’s go over some practical war strategies against the Devil who has caught Adventists in his trap.

After much prayer and bible study, you feel scripturally competent to discuss SDA doctrine. First a couple of very practical discussion tips.

When you bring up biblical passages that discredit some Adventist doctrine, remember that generally, people remember the last thing you say or write, so never end a refutation with anything other than the primary argument. Restate the premise of your argument at the end, it will direct the attention to your main point. (As people love to go down irrelevant rabbit holes.)

Here are some common responses you will encounter from Adventists in discussions about their unbiblical doctrines. You need to understand the underlying premise and how to combat it. (Please note that these are common excuses used by all people, not exclusive to Adventists.):

“We’re nice people!”

Faulty premise: Understand what “we’re nice” means. This is defensive posturing instructing us that because they have a nice facade, their institutions should be able to get away with demonic doctrines that often lead to sexual abuse, coverups, religious abuse, dysfunction and paranoia.

This is a red herring, do not even acknowledge it with more than a “Of course you are nice. What I am focusing on is your doctrine.”

People who cannot tolerate a challenge retreat into a position of victimization. It is easier to feel oppressed than to face what the person is really saying. They will try to drag the conversation off topic into feelings, which cannot be logically argued.

Or you can clarify your position with a gentle, "Oh, did you wish to talk about the SDA people? Well, we certainly can talk about them, but that is a different subject. Could we first finish the conversation we are having about doctrine?" This shows the Adventist that the clear difference between what Adventists believe and Adventists.

In general don't argue the faulty premise of "we're nice", but at the same time, recognize that the SDA church would never accept this answer as legitimate for other Christians. Adventist have no qualms about having world-wide prophecy seminars spitting historical distortions and fomenting distrust against other Christians---against other “nice people.” They call it giving the truth in love. Do not make the mistake of expecting that they will give you the same benevolent motivation they demand from you when they point out that you are going to church on the wrong day. You, in their eyes, have become the enemy and enemies cannot have charitable intensions.

Don’t battle Adventists--you are sent to rescue them. Focus on destroying the doctrines of demons.

But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons. I Tim. 4: 1

“You’re being Judgmental”

Faulty premise: They are implying that by pointing out how SDA doctrine is not biblical we are saying that Adventists are bad or will not make it to heaven.

Everyone says this today when they don’t want to hear the truth. Utterly ignore it and continue on with, “Okay, but what about the SDA doctrine of such and such.” Steer the discussion back onto the doctrine. It will shock them that you don’t bite that bait. If, in the pursuit of exposing Satan’s lies, you are called names, so be it. Take the punch and slice the demonic artery of deception that Satan is so desperately trying to protect with stealthy maneuvering. All he has to do is get you off focus and he’s won the conflict.

Don’t battle Adventists--you are sent to rescue them. Focus on destroying the doctrines of demons.

“I think you are saved, Calm down.”

Faulty premise: That we are judging their relationship to Christ.

For more progressive Adventists, this comment will sometimes pop out of nowhere. This is more difficult for me to address for there are many people out there who do believe that Adventists are a non-Christian cult and will end up in hell.

Yet, whether your purpose is to save Adventists souls or just keep them from a hellish life of spiritual disfunction, always respond to this statement in clear and non-compromising love. Bring the conversation back to the vital importance of truth whether the person’s salvation is at stake or not, correct theology is vital as it could cause another person to miss out of heaven.

Don’t battle Adventists--you are sent to rescue them. Focus on destroying the doctrines of demons.

“You need to be positive, don’t always dwell on the negative.”

Faulty premise: This response echoes the earlier “we’re nice so you shouldn’t notice, comment about or interfere with our corruption.”

Again, the entire SDA history is based upon telling an apostate Christianity that they go to church on the wrong day. I think it is fair that we can then turn back and confront Adventists with what we see as their biblical misunderstandings. All of us need to deal with our culture of sin in positive ways, but silence is not the answer.

And do not mistake what they really are saying. They do not want to engage in a discussion that confronts Adventists with positive criticism. They want silence, for you to be quiet and allow Adventists to say anything they want without anyone disagreeing.

Don’t battle Adventists--you are sent to rescue them. Focus on destroying the doctrines of demons.

“You're mean!”

Faulty premise: You cannot be correct if you are upsetting me.

This is merely a childish way of avoiding the problem. Declaring someone is mean for pointing out a serious problem with a church is saying no more than, “We should be able to get away with anything we want and if you say anything against what we believe then you are persecuting us.” It is the pre-persecution syndrome. Rather than focus on the emotional, as Adventists will almost certainly want to do, point out that whether we are mean or not, the doctrinal issue is what is being discussed. Again, diversion is their main tactic of defense.

Don’t battle Adventists--you are sent to rescue them. Focus on destroying the doctrines of demons.

“I have a right to my own opinion.”

Faulty premise: Someone stating his opinion is forcing someone else not to state his.

This response is nothing more than a passive-aggressive intimidation tactic. It is implying that others don’t have the right to say anything against what SDAs believe. Gently remind them that the right to freedom of speech also extends to stating an opinion against SDA doctrine.

Don’t battle Adventists--you are sent to rescue them. Focus on destroying the doctrines of demons


Faulty premise: If someone else is bad, then no one should say what we do is bad.

You will find this as an excuse for the SDA institutions when you point out their abuses. But that is a school yard excuse for bad behavior, a puerile justification for not having the Christian grit to confront difficult problems.

I wonder if that is what how the remnant will one day answer to God when they are confronted with Adventist’s hospitals performing abortions-on-demand? Or when they are faced with the number of their children having pre-marital sex or drug use?

Would an Adventist think that a good response for worshipping on Sunday?

With a response of “oh other churches have the same problem....” or similar childish excuses, the Adventist you are speaking to is probably not ready to hear a logical refutation. But if you feel they are, lovingly remind them that the SDA church claims to be a Christian organization, the very remnant of God who keep the Ten Commandments, so they should be held to a higher standard than the world.

Unfortunately, besides the enormous task of battling the doctrines of demons, Adventists will taunt you with accusations of bitterness towards them, being deceived, being the fulfillment of prophecy, being rebellious. Again, see this as clear evidence of Stockholm Syndrome.

Don’t battle Adventists--you are sent to rescue them. Focus on destroying the doctrines of demons. I know, I know... but make this your mantra.

We are rescuing Adventists, ignore their mischaracterizations and insults.

Do not allow them to make you weary or confused about your Christians duty towards them. We are called to fight against the Father of Lies who is distorting the character of God in the world.

In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I give you this charge: Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage--with great patience and careful instruction. For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry II Tim. 4: 1-5

Foremost, we must obey the first commandment of loving God with all our hearts, minds and strength. Confronting Adventists with biblical truths that refute some of the pillars of their faith is faithfully loving God. The Father of Lies desires nothing more than to falsify and distort the gospel.

By expressing our concern about these SDA doctrines, we are also being obedient to the second commandment of loving our neighbor as ourselves. It is our privilege and our duty to show Adventists the fullness of the Gospel of Christ. It may offend them, but that negativism reflects their emotions and has little or no basis in how we feel. By far, most former Adventists have a deep respect and love for their SDA family and friends....

You will become fatigued of being called unchristian, mean-spirited and intolerant when your life is devoted to interceding for Seventh-day Adventists. Take a rest once in a while and refresh yourself. It is unnerving when Satan treacherously uses nice people with sweet-smiling faces to introduce wolves into the sheepfold.

Finally, after you have exhausted all discussion, they will begin mocking you and deriding you. With a roll of their eyes, they will dismiss your mission as theatrical attention-seeking. Stand firm. Keep your eyes upon Christ and see His arms stretched out before you on the cross. They also said that He, our kind savior, was doing nothing but theatrical attention-seeking.

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you. Matt. 5: 10-12

But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, Matt. 4: 44

Remember that this contemptuous jeering comes from the enemy of the Cross, they are really not coming from Adventists. Adventists are pawns and reactions like these come from a deep panic.

Do not shrink back in fear. Have confidence, not only do we have scripture behind us, we have all Christian history with us. Every Christian leader and scholar throughout the 2000 years of Christianity all the way from Christ to the present is in unity with us.


It often helps me to keep in mind a visual of my task--a parable. This is the one I use:

Adventists are on a sinking foundation of theological quicksand. Some former SDAs who rigorously struggled free from the theology become frustrated when they look at those Adventists who are sitting passively as they sink. They might understandably shout things like, “Get out stupid, don’t you see your sinking!” That often makes the SDAs retreat further into their coffin.

It is excruciatingly heart-wrenching for us who have made it out, to watch as Adventists teach their children that remaining in the mire is being faithful to Jesus. What astounding and impenetrable stubbornness to watch one’s own children being swallowed up by the doctrines of demons!

We are sent by God as a rescue team. We will be hunting down Adventists, but not to make them attend church on Sunday or to hurt them. We are calling into the abyss, storming the gates of hell, to pull them out.

We know that many wish to die a Sabbatarian martyr’s death and will refuse to leave. But if we cannot help specific Adventists to see, there are many who will come out to safety. We cannot waste too much time on those who, even if we shot them with tranquilizer darts, would, once awake just throw themselves back in to the pit.

However, we will never give up. We will continue to pray for them, as this depth of brainwashing is beyond even our human efforts.

Former Adventist, at times you may deem it necessary to be verbally rough with the more orthodox who are sabotaging your efforts to liberate those who are crying out for help. Sometimes it is necessary for liberators to fight those closing the door to another’s freedom. Do this only when necessary, as all your honest and sincere efforts will be used against you to try and prove to other Adventist that you are of the Devil.


Make sure you understand the goal. Adventists erroneous

doctrines do need to be exposed and battled because they produce in people three of the most dangerous and deadly defects know to humanity: pride, fear and confusion. These are absolutely irreconcilable with Christianity.

Theological confusion sets up sin as righteousness and righteousness as sin. A cunning demon cloaked as an angel of light whispered falsehood into the ear of the naive little Ellen and it was proclaimed as truth. Sabbath is the last day mark of Christianity, the mark of the Beast is observing the Lord’s resurrection on Sunday, eating meat and drinking coffee are sins--these are taught as truth and spread confusion. Yes, and Babylon is the mother of confusion.

Then, SDA doctrines and culture combine confusion with pride for a poisonous theological apple that they not only willingly ingest, but encourage others to bite. They pride in their separation from the Body of Christ and in their sole remnant-hood, in their messenger and “spirit of prophecy”.

Do not attempt to battle pride with more pride. You will be walking out on the field unarmed. Prayer, fasting and loving humility will work wonders against this darkness. When they observe sacrifice and charity in you, it will eat at their foundation and they will begin to question wrong doctrines.

And finally battle fear with love.

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. I John 4: 18


The war has been won by Christ on the Cross, but that does not preclude vicious battles as the demons destroy as many as they can before Christ returns.

Always remember the goal of your rescue.

Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. If you say, "But we knew nothing about this," does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who guards your life know it? Will he not repay each person according to what he has done? Prov. 24: 11-12

The Devil has enslaved our Adventist family and friends; many are staggering to the slaughter because of diabolical doctrines. We, who are called, must rescue them, no matter how vicious their counter attack upon us. In the end, we must keep in mind that they have been brainwashed.

These are wonderful people, souls of eternal worth to God and it is our greatest privilege to show them Christ by humbly, lovingly serving them.


reginald stevenson said...

As an Adventist i must say that anyone who truly reads revelation cannot claim to be the remnant because Revelation makes it clear that the 144,000 are the only true remnant. The verse where this is stated is taken out of context and made to mean that Adventist's are the remnant and this has caused way too much anger against the Adventist church.
Teresa could you expand on your diabolical doctrines please, ie be specific.

Teresa Beem said...

Since this was written for a Former SDA audience, the doctrines are already understood. If you read many of my other posts you will get an in-depth account.

1. That the Sabbath is or ever will be the drawing line between true and false Christians.

2. That attending church on Sunday will ever be the sign of apostate Christianity or those who go to church on Sunday will receive the Mark of the Beast.

3. The doctrine that the SDA church is the sole remnant and that other Christians will become SDA in the last days.

4. That apostate Christians will spearhead an end-time hunt and persecution of the SDA members for keeping Sabbath or will force them to attend church on Sunday.

5. That there will be a time when anyone stands in front of God without Christ as a mediator.

6. That Sabbath has anything to do with our salvation.

7. That eating certain foods are sinful.

8. That Jesus left the right hand of the Father and entered the Holy of Holies to begin judgment in 1844.

9. That Ellen White received visions or messages from and angel (that contradict or confuse the interpretation of scripture.)

10. That Satan is the goat that will ultimately bear the sins of humanity.

11. That the full atonement didn't occur at the cross.

Many former SDAs are also very concerned that the church allows abortions on demand in their hospitals.

I am sure others can add to the list.

Remember dear SDA, this is about doctrines, we believe, stand upon sandy soil that destroy people. Thanks for your inquiry.

Bill S. said...

Spiritual warfare is exhausting work, both mentally and spritually. Remember to spend time, plenty of time, in the word soaking it up and NOT from the approach of refuting false doctrine. If your time in the word is mostly spent learning the texts to refute false doctrine, you will wind up a spiritual midget that is weak and open to attack from unexpected fronts. And yes, sometimes you need to withdraw from the battlefield entirely to regroup.

And sometimes, the best thing you can do for SDA friends and family is to be a good friend. A friend who accepts that their opinion, at the moment, is not going to change but if in the future it does then you are a 'safe place' for them to express their doubts, frustrations and fears.

Teresa Beem said...

Good advice Bill.

In the end, it's all about love. People respond the very best to our open-hearted, humble and honest love.

Delina said...

Teresa, this was really good. Your writing is excellent, as usual. But most of all it was very encouraging. Thank you for the reminder about who we are fighting vs. who we are rescuing.

Δαβίδ said...

It's hopeless! These people have been answering and arguing for a LONG time. They have bible text's in their head's. I don't know my HOLY BIBLE vs. their unauthorized KJV, NIV, ASV, and other's. How can I argue with my beloved ten commandment's? Anything I could or would or do or have said is responded with THE LAW. You want me to rescue these people!? It's because of them I fantasize about being born in another family and attending ANY school other than the horrible SDA one I graduated from. NO I am not bitter. Chocolate is bitter...oh would you like to know what is in chocolate???? Ask any SDA. They will tell the complete process and how many rat fecese is in it. Or how about how sauseage is made or where does KFC come from? (great now I'm hungry) When I told the one non-SDA I graduated with that I was not SDA you know what she said to me without any hesitation? "but what about the 'sabbath'"? I didn't know how to answer that. I don't want to answer that. But if the Evangelacal Lutheran that attended an SDA school for three year's can ask the same question that I would get from a bonifide SDA...HOW CAN I WIN?????? They have the one question that always gets me like a dear caught in headlights. They are good at what they do! A century of experience with this sort of thing vs. little old me? FORGET IT. Even if I win, I loose. On facebook I found a group of 'former sda' and it is a place for them to heal and recover, blah blah blah. NO no no, what it really is or has turned into is a place to argue 'sunday vs. saturday' and to belittle anyone who claim to be 'former sda'. If a thing as small and insignificant as a small facebook group can turn into that...IT'S OVER. I didn't leave the SDA church, I never was an SDA. If someone is there due to being subject to their parent's, that doesn't count! How can I leave something that I was NEVER apart of in the first place. I don't give a rip what day this and that happens.

Δαβίδ said...


If someone asks me if I want to be in Heaven for eternity my answer is , "will Jesus Christ be there?" If so, than YES. Same is applied to a church. "Would you like to go to church with us?" Apply same question as heaven. I knew this when I was 12 only by a miracle from heaven, and nothing short of it. I waited and waited and waited until the right time where I wouldn't cause any trouble or hurt feeling's of family whom are ALL SDA. I waited until I was in my 30's to take a catechism class and you know what happened? They all laid brick's in their dieaper's anyway and claim how 'hurtful' they are. I'm through! I can't fight that. The first day of my catechism class would you like to know what is on page ONE? #1. Why are we here? answer the daily double Alex Tribeck...TO KNOW, SERVE, AND LOVE GOD. I spent 12 long year's on the swing set of confusion in SDA school asking myself that very question..."why am I here?". It isn't taught, that's why. I learned for the first time in my LIFE ALL TEN COMMANDMENTS OF GOD in my catechism class. You cannot imagine TB how shocked I was and still am that of all places I found Jesus Christ in the Holy Mass of the local Roman Catholic church. For a whole year I kept it secret I was even attending there. For year's before that I would pray in a Catholic church as a 'cover' or get on a plane and fly as far as possible away from family and friend's and go to any Catholic cathedral I could find. This made it easier for me so I could say, "yes what a nice trip I had and what beautiful building's and churches I went to all apart of my 'sightseeing' time. For the rest of my life I will remember the first day I received Holy Communion. It was a day of no doubt and victory over the devil. It was the day I went from brainwashing to being heart washed! That is all that matters to me. As to trying to win against an sda who holds up the law in my face every time and know's the exact text and verse and chapter and page where it is listed? Sorry, who can argue with the law? Not me. Certainly not with an Adventist. All I have is a brown scapular and my rosary and I'm pretty sure those thing's mean nothing to them. I will let God figure them out for me! And I will let Him expose HIS LAW TO THEM!

Teresa Beem said...

Wow! I couldn't get through reading your posts to my husband without choking up a couple of times. I know just how you feel. The vast majority of Former Adventists need to run with all their hearts away and heal. I don't think an abused person needs to be the one who rehabilitates their abuser.

I, personally don't feel called to argue with SDAs. If they happen to ask me, I will talk to them, but I don't usually go out of my way to argue with them. They search me out!!!

However, I feel called to support those who are questioning and want to leave or have left. My ministry is for former SDAs. And I had a really miraculous event that put the ministry right straight into my lap so distinctly that I couldn't refuse God!

There doesn't need to be a lot of us, just a few, so that we can kinda "direct traffic" on the way out.

For a long time I cringed over the arguments I heard between SDAs and formers. I thought it was damaging until I started getting a lot of personal email telling me that people were watching from an anonymous position and the arguments were so important for them to read, as it was convincing them the real problem with Adventism.

So, now it doesn't bother me so much.

You have such a great story about joining the Catholic church. There are more out there than anyone expected--former SDAs converting to Catholicism.

One of my deep convictions is that formers do not need to make the fact that they are no longer SDA their identity. They need to purge themselves of the trauma, heal and move on. Go and live life to the fullest and enjoy the freedom. Just a few of us linger to help..... and usually it is those who were the LEAST hurt by the church's doctrines.

God bless you and thank you so much for your story. I hope a lot of people get to read it.....

Tim Jones in Spokane said...

For me, on general, I don't mind what religion we are in. As long as we follow God and His Scriptures, there won't be any arguments.