Friday, August 19, 2011

The Sword of the Spirit Against False Prophecies

I was pondering, this morning, Adventism. As I often do, for it is my ministry from God.

Reminding myself, "It is against spiritual, dark forces we fight as Christians, not people." Oh, my soul cries out for help to God, “Maranatha, Lord, Maranatha!” The world is plummeting into a true Dark Ages as never known before.

People, in general, are sheep. With every ounce of my body I try to remember this, so as never to draw the sword of the Spirit against my fellow humans. I fervently pray everyday that I may intercede for others and draw away the Devil's attempts to spiritually strangle them. I pray to drown others with a flood of God's love and grace and mercy.

Yet at the same time, I pray for courage to speak truthfully, boldly and storm the gates of theological hell. For, I see certain doctrines as destroying the unity of God's Body and setting up pride and fear. It is plain to most Christians that certain false beliefs terrorize and hold a Christian hostage. It is not okay for us to walk by without attempting to rescue those enmeshed in false doctrines.

It can be quite a tightrope to walk, to see Christ in everyone and truly love them for who they are and at the same time, desire with all your heart to strike the tight chains enslaving them. For it is the Father of Lies who stands there with his angelic grin holding onto the chains-- frightening the poor soul by rattling them with his despairing prophecies (and slyly blaming you for the fear!). What is unthinkable for most of is is that the people seem all too happy to be enslaved.

My enraged posture, with sword drawn high above these vassals of demons awaiting the moment I can slash through the chains and release them, is always misunderstood as wanting to strike them! And I can certainly understand their perspective.


“Lord God Almighty, break the lying wretched siren song of demons that has lulled so many of us into soulless corpses. We have been sedated in a troublesome nightmare that we cannot awake from. Open our eyes Lord, open our ears Lord, open our heart Lord that we may be obedient. That we may stand together and fight the last battle raging unseen.”

The abominable loathing that the Devil has for Christian unity-- that he would so cunningly slice the Body of Christ up into little factions that fear each other-- with such a horror show of a prophecy vomited and spewed forth by Ellen White.... AH!

To take the precious Body of Christ and set it against each other by teaching that Christians who worship God on Sunday will one day turn on their Best Friend and Savior and on Adventists! That one day, ME and YOU (if you are a non-SDA Christian) WE who love Jesus with all our hearts and souls, who pray and study scripture, who have a vibrant and close relationship with Jesus will one day turn on our most beloved of family and friends to torture and kill them. This is the anti-Christ. This is the abomination of desolation WAY before the day you go to church.

That my SDA nieces and nephews are being brought up in a church that would have them fear me and believe I will one day willingly accept the Mark of the Beast and will turn and persecute them--that is more than the heart of a believer can bear.

If you bring this up to an SDA, they will look at you with a blank stare. They cannot imagine the depth of hurt it can cause the heart of Jesus in HIS WHOLE Body of believers, to teach such a reckless, anti-biblical doctrine.

They may try and comfort me saying that they believe I will return to the truth--attempting to assure me they don’t think I will be deceived, but that is not the problem. It is the doctrine that is evil, not judgment of specific people. It is in no way more godly to cull out certain members of the family of God from a prophecy while retaining the original doctrine of demons.

They cannot see past their own church. They do not understand why it is a big deal. The do not understand the darkness of teaching that Christ's disciples-- innocent people--are guilty. They do not see the horror of a prophecy that turns righteousness into evil and evil into righteousness. They are biblically comatose, poisoned by a little group of 19th-century New England illiterates.

That is why I pray for them. That is why I pray for us. For we Christians have abandon those struggling on the outer periphery of Christianity. We have given precious souls enough theological rope to hang themselves under the excuse of political correctness. And we are responsible for the chaos that is now Christianity and Christian relativism. The blood of the souls of all those murdered by SDA doctrines cry out from the grave. I can even hear Ellen’s too! She is crying out for us to undo the damage she unknowingly did.

I don’t think all are summoned to this battle against theological lies, but some are. We should pray for them. Fight for them on our knees and fasting.

In the end, I pray that God will miraculously open Adventists' and our eyes so we can fully see the outrageous savagery of teaching that Christian brothers and sisters will one day morph into the Devil and hunt SDAs down to kill them. How utterly self-centered, paranoid and against all that Jesus taught. It is a shameful doctrine.

Have mercy Father on us all! May we use as the sword of the Spirit, as Christ taught us, with the wisdom of serpents and harmlessness of doves. (Matt. 10: 16).


Δαβίδ said...

I spoke with my mom today over a cup of coffee, (I was the one with the coffee) and she mentioned the wedding feast in the bible and how the wine was grape juice! I've heard this before. It's "SDA myth". A false myth. It is clearly stated how it was not only wine, but a good wine. What are your thought's and knowledge of the history of this story as stated in the scripture vs. SDA "grape juice/non-fermented" served at the wedding feast?

Teresa Beem said...

Well, if she believed in the original and complete Bible there would be no discussion at all.

Ecclesiasaticus 31:35 +

"Do not play the valiant with your wine for wine has been the undoing of many.
The furnace proves the temper of steel, and wine proves the heart in drinking bouts with braggarts.

WINE GIVES LIFE if drunk in moderation.

What is life worth without wine?

It came into being to make people happy.

Drunk in the right time and in the right amount, wine makes for a glad heart and a cheerful mind."

(The Word of the Lord--thanks be to God.)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your post. I can remember thinking, at 13 in 1952, that White's books reminded me of a straitlaced, old, 19th century minister's writing instead of coming to the SDA's direct from God via Ellen G. White. As it turns out some of her writing did turn out to be lifted from other writers, most of them elderly ministers from (alas) other faiths. It would have been nice if God had actually chosen US as his special people.
Bill in Colorado

Teresa Beem said...

So, are you still SDA?

Ray said...

No I'm not. Beautiful family and friends but the SDA church with it's many rules became a burden instead of a joy.