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Doug Batchelor: Adventists Celebrity: Televangelist and Director of Amazing Facts

[Second in series of Adventist Celebrities and Me... because so many SDAs claim I wasn't ever really an SDA but someone on the periphery of the church.]

(First was the Cliff Goldstein and Me post.)

Only I don't know Doug Batchelor.

My brother-in-law Michael O'brien and his wife, my sister, Heidi traveled with him for a while when they sang in the Seventh-day Adventists singing group "Heritage Singers." Doug was the official preacher for the group. So they know him.

My husband once played racquetball with him at Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, Texas. (My husband, who has pretty much dropped out of the church by then, didn't know who he was at the time.) Oh, and Arthur won.....

My only encounter with him was when he came to the Keene SDA church to give a series of meetings for the college. I, being the self-appointed prayer warrior for the church (as I led out in a prayer group each week during Sabbath School for Adventists requests), invited everyone in the Keene church to join me in a prayer session for Doug backstage every night. Mostly, no one showed else showed up.

Seeing my determination each evening, Doug graciously thanked me for praying for him during the service.

One strange memory that has nothing to do with this post, is that one evening a Pentecostal lady who WASN'T an SDA showed up to pray for Doug's meetings. She broke into tongues during the prayer session. It freaked me out. But I still appreciated her coming and praying for us.... especially since the SDAs were not showing up...

One of the nights (the seminar lasted for a week--at least) I confronted him in the media room before his sermon began and explained all about Adventists For Life and my work as President. I was becoming extremely discouraged that no SDA leader would get involved even though most CLAIMED to be pro-life. So I asked him to become involved with us.

He was bold in proclaiming to me that he was indeed pro-life---personally--and began suggesting that I get together a petition with signatures. I about fell over. That had been done over and over. I failed to impress upon him how involved our group had been. Finally, after a short struggle to explain to him the massive amount of work we had done for years that had been utterly unsuccessful in making a dent in the church, I begged him to help us.

He let out a despairing sigh, even with a big smile on his face, and whispered to me, "What do you want me to do? Get fired?" Then he thanked me and made a hasty retreat for the exit. I don't think he was making some grand "on the record" statement. The statement was thoughtless and impulsive (we've all made them...), at least that is what I hope....

But the statement revealed the abortion mindset was entrenched so deeply at the top levels of the General Conference, that even a televangelist like Doug Batchelor wouldn't touch the subject for fear of losing his position.

Pastor Batchelor,
I urgently call upon you to have the courage to be a man who stands firmly for more than just the Sabbath. Time for your church to be more than just a one-commandment church. Time to wake up and realize that your church has contributed to the cataclysmic failure of Christianity to impact our culture for Christ. Let's unite as the Body of Christ. Let's show the world the true face of God who is both full of mercy and judgement. Time for some Christian heroes. Are you prepared to be one?


Anonymous said...

Where is your proof of all these so called accusations against Doug Batchelor.

You say "He let out a despairing sigh, even with a big smile on his face, and whispered to me, "What do you want me to do? Get fired?" Then he thanked me and made a hasty retreat for the exit.'

Where is your solid proof that he did let out a despairing sigh, even with a big smile on his face, and whispered to you, "What do you want me to do? Get fired?"

All you have here is "here say" which would not stand up in a court of law. For a person who is supposed to be so knowledgeable, that you feel the need to stoop to such a low level of attack to get your message across that it is OK not to be a SDA, is pathetic and leaves one to think that you are only out to stir up the wrath that you yourself feel about the SDA Church.

Don't write here say, write facts that you can back up, so that you can have some creditably instead of sounding as if you are always out to stir up a hornets nest with your followers.

Also you are not that silly for you have a great gimmick going with the sale of your book, which you push at every chance you get.

If it is that important to you that people read your book, and know the reasons why it is ok to not be a SDA, THEN give it away for free. You are a scammer and know a good thing when you see it.

Teresa Beem said...


This blog IS to promote our book, that is the entire reason we have the blog. You wouldn't write to the Coke site complaining that they push Coke at every chance! What about the GC website!! Wow it is so pro-SDA!

Sir or Madam, you have entered the "It's Okay NOT to be a Seventh-day Adventists site." You will of course see things promoting the book.

Also, I really hate that you have pushed me into writing this, but we HAVE given away hundreds and hundreds of our book. I didn't write it to make money. I knew going in that I would never recover the amount of money we spent in research to produce the book. It is a financial write-off.

It took me five years of full-time research and writing. We travelled all over America to SDA meccas in order to do hands on research. I can assure you that I will not recover a small percentage of that. I wrote it as an act of obedience to Christ.

When we left Adventism, I wished so badly I had a book like the one we wrote. So I followed the golden rule and did unto others as I wished someone had done for me!

You realize that many people will think I WROTE your letter just to be able to have a chance to further promote our book! Thanks for giving me another chance to write about it. (Smile!)

As far as hearsay, I would indeed stand up in a court of law and truthfully tell them that Doug Batchelor said what he did.

In NO WAY was I trying to put him down when I said he was smiling. It was an extremely uncomfortable situation for us both. I had unexpectedly confronted him as he was about to get up a preach, and his smile was trying to lighten the mood.

As a matter of fact, I was being rather polite when it came to my description of Doug. I have nothing personally against him and I tried to keep the focus on the point of the post rather than on my opinion of him as a televangelist.

I understand your anger. Once upon a time, back when I was an SDA I also became angry when people would challenge my beliefs. But the people I had once screamed at, thought to be the devil themselves, I eventually blessed because they had the guts to tell me the truth and put up with my abuse.

God bless you Anonymous! May the Lord open your eyes and grant you peace.

coachwork said...

It is sad how many poorly educated people fall victim to cults such as these, as was apparent in Mr. "here say." It's tough to be patient and kind, yet that is what Jesus would have us do. All we can do is speak the Truth like this sister, in Love, and let Him do the rest. There is a Gr. 9 average education in our town & JW attendance is the highest of all churches here. These statistics are well documented. To be educated, one can read for herself/himself and remain a lifelong learner. Get back to the Word and pray for His understanding!

Anonymous said...

Bravo Anonymous!! Glad you read it.

It's all "heresay" you say?
Give her book away free you say?
It's a silly gimmick for the sale of her Book.

Humor me while I play the part of the fool and irate reader for a minute. Normally this is not my method but your comment deserves a double barrel of it.

I am quite able to say the same for Ellen G. White and her writings.

It's all "heresay" or more correctly it is all HERESY! Where is her proof that she was shewn all these things yet her writings are sold and presented as fact?! In Teresa's case she was at least cogent and coherent when this all occurred sans all the drama and dancing theatrics present with EGW at the movement's, Israel Dammon soirre.

As for giving away the books? I love the fact Doug's and probably YOUR church's history is replete with the selling and merchandising or your prophets books, cult jingoisms, and slogans. Interestingly enough if the words were truly GOD's WORDs and inspired, as it is claimed, why are they not ALL given AWAY free as well?

Silly gimmick, yes I think it is quite a silly gimmick that an institution is established to engage in the colportage of books whose contents can be similarly found in their original form in the works of others. Netflix and Blockbuster never had it so good!

Anonymous said...

Well, I see my comment has got those who have no evidence of the heresay bristles up. Now I wonder why is that? Is it because you are full of your own wrath towards the SDA Church? Sounds like it.

There is no anger on my part as has being stated by Teresa.

So once again we have "heresay" of people who have no proof of who or where I belong. No proof even if I believe in a God but you still you jump on the band wagon with your assumptions which is far more proof that you and your blog is another money making scam Teresa feeding off the poor souls of those who have left or are in the process of leaving the SDA Church.

You still have no proof of what you say about this man Doug Batchelor, but a lot of proof of you using all this to push your book.

As I said before, don't write heresay, write facts that you can back up, so that you can have some creditably instead of sounding as if you are always out to stir up a hornets nest with your followers.

Also you are not that silly for you have a great gimmick going with the sale of your book, which you push at every chance you get.

And you are promoting a book solely on the hurt of those who were once adventist and on the pain of those within the church who have come to see what they once believed is no longer truth and they are at a loss of where to go now and oh the guilt of it all to leave a family which was all they have ever known. So yes this blog is for the promotion your book, and that is the entire reason you have this blog BUT as much as you sugar coat the reasons for it, you feed off your followers who have being suffering with much concerning the SDA Church. You are a great scammer for you come to the table with MUCH here say and NO facts to back up your heresay.

Get the facts and post them here and not heresay.

dljc said...


The word you are looking for is "hearsay" definition: unverified, unofficial information gained or acquired from another and not part of one's direct knowledge: I pay no attention to hearsay.


Not heresay. You want credibility yet you continue to use poor grammar.

This is quite an interesting comment. "And you are promoting a book solely on the hurt of those who were once adventist and on the pain of those within the church who have come to see what they once believed is no longer truth and they are at a loss of where to go now and oh the guilt of it all to leave a family which was all they have ever known."

They have come to see that what they once believed is no longer truth? Cognitive Dissonance is what you want to look up. Here you can read all about it:


Get your facts straight before asking others to.

Anonymous said...

Teresa, Are you sure that you are really not this "Anonymous" person yourself?

If anything I am sure, "Anon" is driving up your hits on the blog. When you're done can you do that on my blog a well!!

Now that was a very good gimmick. ;)

Teresa Beem said...

Man, when Anonymous first posted I just wanted to laugh. I knew people would think I was the poster in order to stir up a good debate and get some more publicity. But alas, It truly wasn't me. People have suggested I do that, but in the end, if I did post under another person's name and pretend to have a back and forth with myself, my conscience would make me a crazy person. Then I would have to make a public confession and... no, I don't want to go through all that.

And I have found enough people out there to do it that I don't have to!!

God bless, Teresa

Anonymous said...

LOL Teresa, Yes, I though you were bucking for you next book. "Things I tell myself!"

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous,

So, it's wrong to repeat hearsay? Maybe you should quit using Paul's writings for this reason, I recall him confronting the Corinthians about a man that was committing fornication with his father's wife, Paul said "It is reported commonly". That my friend is hearsay by definition, are you willing to challenge Paul?

Kevin McMillen
Morgantown, WV

Anonymous said...

What a shame, how does Christ feel about all your facts and arguments. I have not read the book but cannot see evidence of hearts touched by the Spirit of Christ in this blog. When the working of the Spirit is evident in your promotions of the books and thoughts you have, then, will I part with money for the book. Surely if the writer's blog is the index of the message of the book, may the Lord have mercy.


Anonymous said...


If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it!

Heich said...

Wow - very interesting conversation.

Dear Jesus, please forgive our failure to understand You as the LOrd of the Sabbath and You blessed the seventh-day sabbath and sanctified and hallowed it. Please help us also to never laugh at each others comments or say anything bad toward each other; but rather help us to seek for higher calling and what you have for us to get done before You return. Open our eyes and hearts to praise and thank You for the opportunity to talk to each other via the net and learn from each other as well. We all are your erring children. Please forgive our mistakes and help us to acknowledge the truth in Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Top avo,


Anonymous said...

You can go to the Amazing Facts website right now--Pastor Doug Batchelor's ministry; it has Bible discussions led by another Adventist Pastor, John Bradshaw of It is Written. The topics are Abortion 1 and Abortion 2. These discussions are clearly against abortion even in the event of known deformities. They also clearly state that life begins in the womb. To suggest that Adventists freely believe in abortion is not an accurate statement. I also noted on another blog that Ms. Beem obviously took an EG White comment completely out of context. Since the moderator of the blog can choose which comments to post, I will be interested to see if this is posted. For anyone wanting to know the truth go to AmazingFacts.org.

Teresa Beem said...

Indeed, if you read the date on this post it was six years ago it was published and since then Doug Batchelor has absolutely come out against abortion. To his GREAT credit. I am so proud of him. Thank you so much for pointing this out to my current readers. I assumed no one was still reading this old article or I would have updated it.

I have never suggested anywhere that Adventists freely believe in abortion. In fact, as founder and president for Adventists for Life for almost two decades, I found most Adventists pro-life, however they were unaware that the denominational beliefs are pro-choice and even some SDA hospitals perform abortions on demand.

Remember that Doug Batchelor does not represent the SDA church on this subject. He has been BOLD and courageous to fight the good fight now. I bless him!