Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Spirit Behind the Church



Arik said...

It is one thing for you to deny the Gospel, but to engage in a campaign to lead others from the truth is carrying on the work of Satan.

I have seen this video before, and even my wife who had only been an SDA for about a year saw the inaccuracies in the film.

You claim you were an Adventist, yet it has been shown that you were not. Instead of regurgitating the same mantra of others who are spiritualy blind, how about you engage in a real conversation of the doctrines of the SDA church?

When Paul says we are not under the law, he is not saying we are not under 'the obligation' of the law'! But rather we are not under the 'condemnation' of the law. Why would we not be under it's condemnation? Because by the Grace of God, we keep it! And how can we be guilty, for the law cannot convict one who is not breaking it. Even you're own "church" recognizes the 10 commandments! So why harp on the SDA doctrines you think we changed the Gospel while all along it is you're church who claims that it has the power to change God's law?

The SDA church absolutely believes we are saved by Grace through faith, but the biggest difference is that this Grace leads one in harmony with God's law! Is the law void? God Forbid says Paul. What good is a Gospel that can not change the character of the sinner? Am I to believe in a Gospel that takes me from an ignorant sinner to an intelligent one? No real change of character? This is what EGW is trying over and over to combat! She was all for a Gospel that has power to bring us closer to God and His character, I am sorry that as a SDA you never experienced true conversion!

Teresa Beem said...

Could you please be specific about what you felt was mischaracterized about Adventism in the film (as I disagree with some of it also.) Do you believe that it mischaracterized SDAs as works-oriented, legalists? I am getting that from your comment.

Arik said...

What I do not understand is you are willing to jump on a bandwagon that thinks it is debunking SDAism because that is what you do, all the while saying you do not agree with some of it also. Is this what Christ did? I have never read anywhere Him saying "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".

You show the true spirit behind your'e argument and should not be surprised since you use the same tactics in your'e book. Taking quotes out of context to suit you rhetoric. Teresa you have not been a real Seventh Day Adventist to be in a position to criticize.

It is of course not easy to be a SDA for anyone in this world today, yet what makes it so worth while is the true conversion that takes place in our hearts. The real Gospel is powerful enough to change the carnal character to one that is in Harmony with God's character. Once this has been experienced it is the most wonderful event that keeps getting better.

Error can not produce this, and a gospel that teaches that God's law is void (changed or done away with) will only produce a form of Godliness.

You are deceptive in your'e arguments, if you possess the real Gospel you would not need to engage in this manner. If you love Christ give up self and everybody else's argument against SDA you hang your'e hat on, find out what it really means to be a SDA then we can talk.

Teresa Beem said...

You do realize I am Catholic, right?

Teresa Beem said...

Arik, the reason I am asking you if you knew that is because Catholics in a sense would agree with you on some of your points. I wish I had time to respond more thoroughly but I cannot right now.

Arik said...

In essence what you are saying is "here is an argument from a sect against SDAism. They are not catholic, but we share the same motive and tactitcs I use to mis- represent the Adventist Church, therefore I am going to post this false gospel to combat what I think is a false gospel".

Doesn't sound Christ like to me.

Teresa Beem said...

Arik, I have no idea as to how to decipher what you just wrote. But I am very tired, it has been a grueling three weeks for me, so I will let it go for now and revisit your statement when I have slept a little....