Monday, March 21, 2011

Adventism and Michael the Archangel

So Adventists don't think Jesus is an angel but that the Jesus was disguised as the archangel? I would disagree (if I am correct about Adventist beliefs) with their interpretation, but is this a heresy? Why? Did early Adventists believe Jesus was fully divine? Did the doctrine of Michael evolve into being a mere "title" of Christ as SDA Shawn Boonstra is telling to his audience?

Right now there is a discussion going on amongst the former SDAs about what the nature of Christ and their Clear Word Bible's teaching on Michael the Archangel. Some and posting quotes from Ellen White about Jesus being a created being. But the 28 fundamentals of the SDA church states that they believe in the full divinity of Christ (as does Shawn in the clip.
throwing in as part of the discussion, but I have no idea if it is historically correct.

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Michael D. Maynard said...

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Michael Maynard, Founder, Writer
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