Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Ellen White/King James Bible Unveiled!

Be sure and listen to the video promotion at this site. Well, they finally did it. I wanted to cry but my husband said this is one of the most revealing things Adventists have done to date. He believes that all thinking Adventists will see the blasphemy in placing Ellen White quotes into the Bible texts. Even if they are highlighted and clearly not part of the text, the fact that they are actually inserted into the main framework of scriptures amplifies Ellen's writings to near or equal to scripture.

When people read this Bible, they will be brainwashed into reading Ellen White's personal interpretation (or other SDA church pioneer's interpretation).

If Adventists don't rise up and decry this abomination to sacred scripture, they then have entrenched themselves into a cult.

I hate to use the word cult, and rarely do because the word can be interpreted in many ways. But what I mean is a cult is a small group who attach themselves to a self-appointed prophet who claims to understand God or the Bible in a new way, having a new "revelation" for the world. Their following often see them equal to or near equal to God. When Ellen White's writings are placed into the sacred Word of God, then we can truly say the Adventists have become a cult following.

Either stand up and make your disapproval of this known, Adventists or you will become more and more relegated by Christianity into a strange, bizarre sect who have their own set of scriptures--(think Mormons, Jehovah's Witness.)

Please, as someone who is concerned for your souls, think about this carefully!!


Anonymous said...

Ellen White was suffering from a sevre head injury and seizures that continued the rest of her life as a result severe head injury. Her vissions all happened while she was unconcious from her head injuries and also right after each of her seizures. Today we call this Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome. Her vissions were delussions of an injured mind trying to cling to life and were not real vissions. What she was seeing were things that were already imbedded in her mind from books she had read and conversations she previously had. While she was unconssious from her head injuries and her life long bout with seizures her brain would cling to these previously stored thoughts in an effort to stay alive. When she awoke from her seizures she and others missanturpited her thoughts as vissions because they did not understand the science of the mind and what we know today as Post Tramatic Shock Syndrom. Thousands of people today who suffer from head injuries and other Tramatic events have these same types of vissions she was having. She is not a profit and never was. She was suffering from Post Tramatic Shock Syndrom and was never propperly diagnosed or treated for her illness. The word of God was already in the Bible long before she came along and anyone who adds anything to the Bible is clearly a False Profit and in this case nothing more than a woman who was suffering from a misdiagnosed illness and the life long effects that comes from Post Tramitic Shock Syndrom. There is only one God and There is only one Bible. Anyone who changes the Bible and includes there name in it is one of the false prophets God warned us about.

Anonymous said...

Many, Many Study Bible's on the market have commentaries, footnotes, inline notes, Notes in darkened out outlines, Notes running down the middle and sides...Most all of the Bibles you can find an any family christian book store. They all have their notes with their interpretations in them. What I like to do is "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." (1Th 5:21 KJV)
I've read many notes and commentaries that have directly contradicted the verse it was explaining, so I knew it was no good. Others I've read directly contradict other scriptures.
I was not aware of this Bible, I think I'll check it out and see if the notes contradict the Scriptures it is in. "These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so." (Act 17:11 KJV)
You'll probably agree that many people in all churches don't study the Bible as they should.

Anonymous said...

The text is not altered. Appropriate E. G. White passages are listed as footnotes for those who want to study both together. As usual you twist the truth into error.

Anonymous said...

Um... You always have the option to NOT read the book. I've read commentaries of Spurgeon, Marvin R. Vincent, Ellen White, etc.. Just because they all wrote commentaries and certain books put them in footnotes doesn't mean insidious intent. Brain washing? That had to have been a joke right?

Teresa Beem said...

I certainly do mean brainwashing.

Protestants believe the Bible is the infallible word of God that is self-interpreting. So, within that standard, why would any Protestant denomination feel they must insert a woman's interpretation within the actual text of scripture? That is leading the reader to see the text in only one way. Don't Adventists believe the Holy Spirit will bring the reader into the truth?

This is a de-sacredization of scripture. Very, very tragic.

Laura said...

I've read comments from SDAs who defend this Bible say that there are many study Bibles out there and no one seems to be disturbed by that..and to that things I offer 2 things to consider..
1. This Bible is called "The Remnant Study Bible" and claims to be the last Bible you will ever need. I don't recall any other study Bibles with that claim.
2. The other study Bibles that I'm aware of do not claim to be "God's Messenger" as Ellen G. White claims.
These two things is what makes this so called "Remnant Study Bible" disgraceful to mainstream Christianity.

Anonymous said...

You're not okay with EGW explaining things, but you're okay with the Catholics changing things. Do you not see any hypocrisy in that?

Teresa Beem said...

Ellen explaining things? Ellen's visions, which I base my opinion on medical evidence, were symptoms of her traumatic head injury and coma as a child. Adventist doctrines on the last-day events, her book in specific "The Great Controversy" are full of imaginings that have nothing to do with scripture.

Please do some reading of the New England area in the 19th century. You will find a time so bizarre, so inundated with self-proclaimed prophets, so full of visions and visionaries, that Ellen will blend into oblivion. That time becomes a sinkhole for medical and spiritual quackery. Although the movie "The Road to Wellsville" is a nasty piece of work, it does very precisely reveal the times and Dr. Kellogg's Adventist Sanitarium.

The Millerite movement would be laughable if it had not been so hauntingly, murderously tragic. Please read the newspaper clippings. The Great Disappointment cause heartbreaking loss and death and destruction.

The fruits of Millerism and Adventism have been disunity, false theology, and fear. Yes, the irony is that there are wonderful Adventists who truly are Christians. Yet, I see it as God having mercy on the Adventists and sending the rain on the just and unjust.

Ellen hardly "explained" scripture. She and her followers twisted it, bent it and broke it.

Vito said...

To insert EGW right into the text goes beyond commentary. It's clearly cult like to put her into the Bible

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Teresa Beem. But you don't have any argument, you are just one person that just keeps on saying the same thing over and over again. If you just get into a church to just gossip or make a book out of it, it will be ashamed to have you at my church. You are looking at every ones wrong doing and not your owns. You are blinded, and if I were you I would pray for help that you would stop gossiping, for if I do recall that is one of the commandments. For if you are doing it for your books to go out on the shelf to make money you are following men with your gossip. Just stop being greedy and trying to prove everybody else wrong when you are guilty yourself.

Anonymous said...

Just because you probably can't afford it, don't be putting it down.

Dennis Federico said...
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