Saturday, November 6, 2010

2011 Former Adventist Fellowship Weekend

Former Adventist Fellowship Weekend is extending a invitation to all of us out here to attend! Here's the info:

Friday, February 18, 2011, 6:00 PM • Registration and snacks
Meetings and breakout sessions Friday evening through Sunday morning
Worship service with Trinity Church on Sunday morning
Sunday lunch hosted by Trinity Church former Adventists
Ends Sunday, February
20, 2011 at 4:00 pm

For more info and to register:


Anonymous said...

Wow... I have seen people distorting the facts but this guy deserve a special place...

One, he perfectly knows that the "clear word" Bible is a paraphrase Bible. What in the word "paraphrase" does he not understand.

Two, he said that he saw more people with the "clear word" Bible than with a regular Bible. This is a lie. In my church, I have never seen people with this Bible and in the others churches I have visited I have never seen people with this Bible either. So I don't know how he can say that he has seen more people with the "clear word". I don't know, maybe he was attended a "clear word" rally...

Anyhow, he is going very low...

It is one thing to disagree with the SDA church, it is another one to bear false witness...

Teresa Beem said...

I don't think he is bearing false witness, I think he told it as he saw it. We are not aware of his personal circumstances, so we don't know that in his SDA church they didn't push this version....

When I went to the SDA church, the Sabbath School leader used the Clear Word Bible and when I was a little concerned about its additions, the class kinda "pooh-poohed" my objections. But, over all, the class did not use it, so in my circumstances the Clear Word did not gain precedence over other Bible translations.

However, the main problem is that the Holy Word of God is being tampered with! Under any circumstances that should send up a huge red flag. We do not get to "edit" or revise God's Holy Word by adding things in and taking things out. John the Apostle made it clear that those who did that would be cursed.

My daughter worked in a ABC (Adventist Book Center) and she said the Clear Word was always prominently displayed among the Bibles. This alone is a problem because technically the Clear Word ISN'T a paraphrase, because of all the additions and subtractions.

Many SDA theologians who teach in Adventist universities and minister in Adventist churches are VERY aware of the seriousness of this misfortunate mistake in the Clear Word. This is not a former SDA versus SDA position. This is a genuine concern about
distorting God's Word.

To remain SDA though, one MUST distort history and God's Word, so it doesn't surprise me-- horrify me, yes, but not surprise me..

Alex said...

I agree some what with Anonymous. Mark seems to never concede a point of credit to adventists. I think he does this to a fault. although I agree the clear word is very problematic, I think that Mark tends to always paint a worse case possible scenario. I don't think he needs to go there, the clear does a good enough job of making the sda denomination look bad. I feel that mark comes across with anger and despair. I think thats why so many adventists discredit him.
Have you ever been in contact with Mark Martin or Dale Ratzlaf? If so what is your relation like? How do they handle there differences with catholicism at the same time finding common ground as former adventists?

Alex in Kansas

Teresa Beem said...

I have never heard Mark Martin before this clip, so I don't know how he is in general towards the SDA church.

As far as being Catholic and Dale Ratzlaf.... Well, that didn't go over very well with MOST former SDAs.

When people actually leave Adventism (I am not speaking of people who still call themselves Adventist but are not active in any way and don't go to church), those who take the time to remove their membership--they usually end up in one of two camps.

A small portion go towards Jewishness. By far the greatest majority become Evangelical--mostly fundamentalist, but not always.

It is rare for a former SDA to convert to Catholicism. Usually if you ask them, they had a parent who was Catholic or they were raised Catholic and then became Adventist only to revert back.

So, it is very interesting to watch the reaction. I actually didn't expect such negativity from the formers. I thought when they threw off the false prophecies of Ellen, they would also throw off the anti-catholicism, but that is a pretty big step! Maybe I expected too much.

They are sweet to me, of course, but tentative and suspicious. It is understandable. Most people are clueless to what Catholicism really teaches. We live in a Protestant nation--so the truth of their rival Catholicism gets distorted.

It is certainly not the fault of most Evangelicals--Catholicism is deep and complex. So, I take no offense.

Thanks for your comment!