Thursday, July 8, 2010

President Ted Wilson Calling SDAs back to Their Roots

I have had many Adventists invite me back into Adventism assuring me that the church is modernizing, updating, that "most Adventists don't believe that Ellen White is a prophetess anymore" and that the antiquated and bizarre doctrines such as the Investigative Judgement and the last-day prophecies are simply not taught or believed by the vast majority of church members. When I raise my eyebrow and question the validity of that position, Adventists pooh-pooh me and say I have been out so long (9 whole years!) that I couldn't possibly know anything about the church anymore. "Come on, don't be so judgmental, this is the New Adventism, the we-are-becoming-mainstream Adventism."

If you listen to your new General Conference President, Ted Wilson's first speech, you will find he is taking the church back to the beginning, reclaiming the doctrines the early Adventist pioneers preached.

My problem isn't that he is going back to the 19th century pioneers, my problem is that he isn't going back far enough. He needs to take the church all the way back to the first few centuries of Christianity. He needs to reclaim the Bible--not as Ellen White saw it, but as the Apostles' wrote it and their appointed leaders followed.

If you have time watch all seven clips on com. ALL Adventists need to be aware of what their president is doing.


Natalya said...

What Church do you belong to? The Bible tells us "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching." Hebrew 10:25 I hope that you go to Church. With all of my heart I believe its imposrtant.

Teresa Beem said...

I go to church every Sunday. I LOVE church!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this, Teresa. I read the transcript the other day, but hadn't yet found it on video.

Although I've heard it said that probably only 30% of U.S. SDA pastors still believe in EGW, the IJ, SDA as "remnant," etc., that is not the direction Ted Wilson is leading the church. So thankful the Lord pulled us out!!!!

~ Jennifer Rector

Ray said...

"taking the church back to the begining" with that I say Praise God. Maybe if He does that, these so-called Adventist will finally understnd the message that the church was called to give.
It's amazing that one can call themselves Adventist and like your post said, and not understand the "Investigative Judgement" or long to hear a sermon on "last day prophecies" we don't hear enough of them.
I for one will pray for our new president and look foward to see how God leads him in these troublesome times.

Teresa Beem said...

Why wouldn't you want your church to go back to the actual beginning of Christianity and learn from them? For 1860 years no Christian had ever heard of the Investigative Judgment, no Christian conceived of a end-time Sabbath test. These are all products of the 19th century prophet-glutted New England area.

Jesus isn't calling us back to early Adventism but back to his truth--the truth of Christianity.

I suggest you do some reading of the early church and the leaders who were appointed by the apostles themselves. Read Polycarp, Clement, Ignatius, Irenaeus, Tertullian.

Teresa Beem said...


Could you send me your email address? I can answer any questions you have personally. I would rather not get into certain subjects on this blog.

God bless,

Christine said...

Because something is historical doesn't mean it is good and should be repeated. As a current member of the SDA church who has recently seen a pastor and church member look at each other and verbally reassure each other it was okay-like they were unsure whether it was wrong or not-to sweep up spilled salt after potluck on the Sabbath, this new president causes me concern. So,so many SDA's, while decrying the traditions in other denominations, fail to see the ones in our own.