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Randy Roberts: Adventist Celebrity: Senior pastor Loma Linda University Church

[Sixth in series of Adventist Celebrities and Me... because so many SDAs claim I wasn't ever really an SDA but someone on the periphery of the church.]

It was campmeeting in Keene, Texas. In the Fellowship Hall of the SDA church, I sat next to Mark Wood, another almost-senior at Valley Grande Academy. My mind was wandering, when I noticed the youthful white-headed speaker was being quiet poetic, eloquent. Over the next few moments, everything in the room blurred softly and all I could see and hear was him--
Randy Roberts.

He, with his best friend Byron Palmer, were standing on stage speaking as I floated away, adrift in a sudden onset of love at first sight. I had been keeping my eye out. You see, I had felt a calling to be a pastor's wife and when I heard Randy's smokey voice, I was smitten down to my toes.

I was so shaken with attraction, I literally fled the hall when it was over, needing to get a hold of myself. As I placed the shaking keys into the lock of my car door, I could see someone was running towards me--someone with white hair. The entire world fell into some strange time warp as I realized it was HIM! Randy running after me.... when he introduced himself, I thought I was going to faint. We had a little chat that went in one ear and out the other. I couldn't even remember his name, I had been so nervous.
That was the summer of Randy Roberts.

I was obsessed--in today's view, I might be accused of stalked him, but at the time I only thought of it as researching my soon-to-be-husband. Once catching sight of his little red car pulling into the bank and trying so hard to get a glimpse of him, I obliviously drifted into oncoming traffic. The honking and cars screeching to a halt awakened me from the trance.
There were so many times I thought I spotted him sitting in church, just to casually sidle up beside an old white-haired woman!

At an evening SWAU baseball game, I "accidentally" bumped into him and we went for a walk in the park. It was excruciatingly romantic when he started juggling in order to impress me. We dated that whole summer. As a theology student, Randy did student preaching and several times I went along to sing special music. We went to Lake Whitney and had picnics. We were even in an accident in that little red car on Sabbath driving in Cleburne. I was SO happy, that meant that he couldn't take me home as quickly and the day would last even longer.

We spent a glorious evening together at my grandparents home in Dallas. I was so happy to show off my rich relatives to him. I remember how shocked I was when Randy would let out his little goofy laugh at things I would say. No one had ever thought I was funny before.

For the first time in my life, I actually stayed up all night shivering with excitement, praying fervently, no begging God to let Randy Roberts fall in love with me. Of course God had other things in mind. I don't really blame Randy for not getting serious with me. When I was with him all I could do was drool; I could barely put two words together I was so overcome with his marvelous presence. I acted like an idiot.

Now I have to look back and laugh. Can you imagine if God had given me that prayer request? Senior Pastor of the Loma Linda University Church married to an former SDA who became Catholic. Now that might be a bit awkward for him. (Smile!)

That eventual-Adventist celebrity has full credit as to was WHY I started dating my husband.

Randy was coming down to Valley Grande Academy in Weslaco, Texas to do some student preaching and I had heard he was dating someone. Well, I didn't want him to think I was just sitting around mooning over him. So, I asked my tall dark and very handsome friend Arthur to pretend to be dating me while Randy was there. And that is exactly what happened. Our fraud turned out to be strangely nice and soon enough became genuine. 

(And thoughts of Randy entered the world of Teresa's past loves... along with Eric Estrada and Davy Jones.)

That is how I know Randy.

Hello Randy,
Yes, I really was that crazy about you! Haa! Your big brother was not the only one to leave broken-hearted ladies in his wake. Randy, I know how much you want to be respected and do a great work for God. You are one of Adventist's most erudite speakers. Now it is time to dig deep into your soul and submit to God and through His miraculous grace find the courage to stand up and be a hero. Quit being a part of a one-commandment church and open your eyes to the culture that is being crushed under the Relativistic oppression of Satan.

Since I haven't watched any of your sermons in the last few years, I don't know if you have had the audacity and intrepid boldness to speak out on politically incorrect topics such as abortion and homosexuality and all the other vices America is caving into.... We are awash in a culture of death. Please, join the rest of us out here in Christendom and begin to speak up. Loudly. The world needs to see the true face of Christ--both His mercy and His Holiness.

With great love and affection, Tesa.

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